Young At Heart (film)

January 20, 1955 2 Comments

US Release Date: 20 January 1955

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  • Doris Day Laurie Tuttle
  • Frank Sinatra Barney Sloan
  • Gig Young Alex Burke
  • Ethel Barrymore Aunt Jessie Tuttle
  • Dorothy Malone Fran Tuttle
  • Robert Keith Gregory Tuttle
  • Elisabeth Fraser Amy Tuttle

This film is a remake of the 1938 mega-hit Four Daughters. The timeless love story is revitalised with some of Hollywood’s finest stars of the day and a spoonful of romantic melodies by Gershwin, Porter and Mercer. The story revolves around Alex Burke (a famous Broadway composer) who surprises all when he proposes to the small-town girl Laurie Tuttle. To everyone’s surprise Laura instead chooses to elope with her fiancé’s best friend, Barney Sloan. The song highlights from the movie are Frank’s moving rendition of Someone to Watch Over Me, Doris’s Till My Love Comes To Me and their duet You, My Love (a song which each star recorded separately for their respective record labels).

Director(s): Gordon Douglas
Producer(s): Henry Blanke
Studio: Warner Bros. (USA)
WarnerColor (Print by Technicolor)

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