The Pajama Game: Original Soundtrack Recording (album)

August 12, 1957 No Comments

US Release Date: 12 August 1957

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  1. The Pajama Game (Opening) (Eddie Foy, Jr. and Ensemble)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  2. Racing With the Clock (Eddie Foy, Jr. and Ensemble)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  3. I’m Not at All in Love (Doris Day and the Girls)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross) Listen
  4. I’ll Never Be Jealous Again (Eddie Foy, Jr. and Reta Shaw)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  5. Hey There (John Raitt)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  6. Once-a-Year Day (Doris Day, John Raitt and Ensemble)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  7. Small Talk (Doris Day and John Raitt)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  8. There Once Was a Man (Doris Day and John Raitt)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  9. Steam Heat (Carol Haney, Kenneth Le Roy and Buzz Miller)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  10. Hernando’s Hideaway (Carol Haney and Ensemble)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  11. Seven and a Half Cents (Doris Day, Jack Straw and Ensemble)
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)
  12. Finale
    (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)

14 June 1957 doris’s bit at warner bros. studios in burbank, california. This is the soundtrack from the lively “big-screen” rendition of the Tony award winning Broadway musical. It features some really robust, animated performances from Doris and her co-stars John Raitt, Carol Haney and Eddie Foy. Jr. The US CD re-issue of this LP benefits from the inclusion of the ballad “The Man Who Invented Love” which was cut from the final movie.

Conductor: Ray Heindorf
Label: Columbia Masterworks (USA)
Format: 12″ Mono LP (OL-5210)
Highest US Chart Position: #9

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