Wonderful Day (American compilation album)

November 21, 1961 No Comments

US Release Date: 1961

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  1. Lover Come Back [from the film Lover Come Back]
    (Frank DeVol/Alan Spilton)
  2. Pillow Talk [from the film Pillow Talk]
    (Buddy Pepper/Inez James)
  3. Be Prepared (with the Flower Drum Kids) [from the film It Happened to Jane]
    (Richard Quine/Fred Karger)
  4. Whatever Will Be, Will Be [Qué Será, Será] [from the film The Man Who Knew Too Much]
    (Jay Livingston/Raymond B. Evans)
  5. It’s Magic (1952 Remake) [from the film Romance on the High Seas]
    (Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn)
  6. Never Look Back [from the film Love Me or Leave Me]
    (Chilton Price)
  7. Should I Surrender? [from the film Lover Come Back]
    (William Landau/Adam Ross)
  8. Teacher’s Pet [from the film Teacher’s Pet]
    (Joe Lubin)
  9. When You’re Smiling
    (Mark Fisher/Joe Goodwin/Larry Shay)
  10. Possess Me [from the film Pillow Talk]
    (Joe Lubin)
  11. Julie [from the film Julie]
    (Leith Stevens/Tom Adair)
  12. Til My Love Comes to Me [from the film Young at Heart]
    (Ray Heindorf/Paul Francis Webster)

This is a rare US-only LP which was conceived as part of [believe it or not] a promotional campaign for Imperial margarine. Coinciding with the release of the second Hudson/Day picture Lover Come Back, it cleverly builds a collection around the title song and ‘Should I Surrender?’, both of which were singles from the movie’s soundtrack. Regardless of what actually triggered the release, no one can deny the skilful blending together of some classic Doris Day tunes (from 1952-61), featuring rarities like “Til My Love Comes To Me” (from the obscure vinyls issued for the Sinatra/Day film Young At Heart), as well as elusive singles “Be Prepared” and “Julie”. Already quite a collectible, limited edition in its own right the 2003 British CD re-issue furthermore enhances its appeal by making the CD a Special Edition. This meant that it now contained some previously unreleased versions of the songs which appeared on the original release.

Conductor: Various
Label: Columbia Special Products (USA)
Format: 12″ LP (#XTV-82021)

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