Billy Rose’s Jumbo: Original Soundtrack Recording (album)

November 12, 1962 No Comments

US Release Date: 12 November 1962

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  1. The Circus is on Parade
    (Doris Day, Jimmy Durante & Martha Raye)
    (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)
  2. Over and Over Again
    (Doris Day)
    (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)
  3. Why Can’t I?
    (Doris Day & Martha Raye)
    (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers) Listen
  4. This Can’t Be Love
    (Doris Day)
    (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)
  5. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
    (Stephen Boyd)
    (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)
  6. My Romance
    (Doris Day)
    (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)
  7. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World [Reprise]
    (Jimmy Durante)
    (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)
  8. Little Girl Blue
    (Doris Day)
    (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)
  9. Sawdust, Spangles and Dreams [Finale]
    (with Entire Cast)
    (Roger Edens/Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)

The songs featured on this soundtrack album originate from the colourful musical-movie set around a circus. They were recorded with the MGM studio orchestra during 1962. I have to admit that on the whole the tunes are for me a little too slow and sentimental. However, if you enjoy a good ballad you will likely adore many of these performances that are given so tenderly!

Conductor: George Stoll
Label: Columbia Masterworks (USA)
Format: 12″ Mono LP (#OL-5860) / 12″ Stereo LP (#OS-2260)

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