Billy Rose’s Jumbo (film)

December 6, 1962 1 Comment

US Release Date: 06 December 1962

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  • Doris Day Kitty Wonder
  • Stephen Boyd Sam Rawlins
  • Jimmy Durante Pop Wonder
  • Martha Raye Lulu
  • Dean Jagger John Noble

This Rogers and Hart musical revolves around a debt-ridden circus and the struggle to save it. The popularity of the Hollywood musical-movie was on the wane by the time this movie was released. As a result of moviegoers changing tastes this picture seriously underperformed at the box-office. Although it missed the boat commercially it did deliver a beautiful soundtrack of songs which received an Oscar nomination for Best (Adapted) Score.

Director(s): Charles Walters
Producer(s): Joe Pasternak & Martin Melcher
Studio: MGM  (USA)
Colour (Metrocolor-PanaVision)
This film was also known as Jumbo

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One Comments to “Billy Rose’s Jumbo (film)”
  1. donna says:

    I have original pics from the set of this movie.
    Pics with Martha and Jimmy along with others, along with the invite to the movie.

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