Send Me No Flowers (film)

October 14, 1964 3 Comments

US Release Date: 14 October 1964

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  • Rock Hudson George Kimball
  • Doris Day Judy Kimball
  • Tony Randall Arnold Nash
  • Paul Lynde Mr. Akins
  • Hal March Winston Burr
  • Edward Andrews Dr. Ralph Morrissey
  • Clint Walker Bert Power

This is the third and final movie made by Hollywood’s golden couple Rock Hudson and Doris Day. This time Rock plays a hypochondriac (George) who misunderstands his doctor and believes he is a dying man. Wanting to take care of his wife’s (Judy) future he doesn’t tell her the news. He instead secretly searches for a suitable replacement husband. George’s suspicious behaviour leaves his wife suspecting he is hiding an affair. She then leaves him. On the whole this is a fun film. On saying that unlike the previous pictures made by Day-Hudson this one starts to feels a little jaded by its end. The movie features the title theme song which was written by pop maestros Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

Director(s): Norman Jewison
Producer(s): Harry Keller (Executive Producer Martin Melcher)
Studio: Universal  (USA)
Colour (Technicolor)

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3 Comments to “Send Me No Flowers (film)”
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