WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The multi-million selling singer Doris Day to release her final solo album

June 5, 2010 23 Comments

Now how would you like to own a new Doris Day album? Well it looks like that could well be a reality as a new album is said to be currently in production of previously unreleased material.

Word has it that Doris Day’s new long-play is to be named “My Heart” and will be issued now sometime in 2011 (delayed from autumn 2010) by her former record label Columbia/Sony Music (which was responsible for launching her solo music career in 1947).

To date, the multi-million selling songstress Doris Day has released a total of 28 original albums – these were all recorded during her pop chart heyday of the fifties and sixties. After this time, Ms. Day for all intent abandoned her singing career (as well as her movie career) for stardom on the small screen and eventually a life devoted to animal welfare work.

During the mid-eighties, Ms. Day did however make a brief return to the recording studio when her beloved son Terry Melcher convinced her to undertake a series of recording sessions under his guise. The songs contained on her upcoming album originate from these very sessions. Although a few of these recordings were aired on Ms. Day’s eighties chat show for cable television, “Doris Day’s Best Friends“, the majority were left in an “unfinished” state. That was until the powers that be had them polished and perfected by a new production team ensuring the inferior versions previously heard are completely eclipsed!

From what we understand, a track list is still being finalised so at present we can only speculate about what songs will end up on the finished release. What we will say is we hope to find on the new release the Ringo Starr hit ‘Octopus’s Garden’, Jonathan King’s ‘Everyone’s Gone To The Moon’ and Doris’s stunningly emotive vocal performance of the Joe Cocker classic “You Are So Beautiful To Me” which is an absolute tearjerker (and one which this site will cry a few tears over if it doesn’t get released!). We also have heard rumours of another gem possibly surfacing on the new album project as a bonus track and that is a demo record which Terry Melcher wrote and recorded for his Mother.

The murmurings of what is being planned don’t stop there as we understand that there may also be a new DVD to accompany the album release. If there is any truth in this we suspect that could contain some footage from “Doris Day’s Best Friends” show.

Our final words to you all are to be prepared for something a little different with album #29. The song choices and styling for this much delayed “comeback” record were contemporary for its time. In simple terms these eighties recordings are oceans apart from Ms. Day’s lushly orchestrated earlier works as they were engineered for a completely different music scene and era. What you can however rely upon are some stellar vocal performances and magical moments from the Queen of vocal phrasing and pitch perfect harmonies!

Before we sign off. It is important to highlight this new album release is also monumental because it will ultimately herald the end of one of the most successful recording careers in the history of popular music. Yes, that is right folks Doris Day ranks as one of the biggest selling female recording artists of the last century having seriously out-performed in sales terms many of her peers during her peak of the fifties!

This site promises to keep you posted on every bit of breaking news about this project. We do for now suggest you click here to read up on our previous feature detailing the “unreleased” recordings.

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23 Comments to “WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The multi-million selling singer Doris Day to release her final solo album”
  1. Craig says:

    I’ve heard some of these songs from the Best Friends series. can’t wait to buy it upon its release

  2. John Lovell says:

    This is definitely the best news I have heard in years. Having all of the recordings Miss Day ever made, these are the only ones that have eluded me. I’m sure, as with all collectors of miss Days works, the day of release is surely one to be excited about and I for one will make sure that everyone I know hears about it and it’s release and make sure it’s a hit. NOW, if we can just get our darling Doris to the recording studio one more time….. Only joking Doris, your doing a great job doing exactly what you are doing and we love YOU for just being YOU. xxx

  3. Beverley says:

    This is definitely the best news ever, I cannot wait until it’s release, this is brilliant NEWS

  4. Bill says:

    Well this is GOOD news for sure. Can’t wait, however there must be more un-released material out there. With all the years of recording and choosing material for albums you would think there would be tons of unheard music. I would love to hear some of that too, however I am excited about this new release and looking forward to it. There is and never will be another voice like Doris’s.

  5. Howard says:

    Looking forward to the release. You go Doris. We love YOU

  6. Meryl Heasman says:

    I can’t wait to buy Doris’ new album. Terry was really very clever and was a good producer/musican/writer. Doris has always been my favourite singer, her genius is in being able to express the feeling of the song with such emotion and soul.

  7. George says:

    This is long overdue! It’s the best news I’ve heard since the find of the “Love Album”. Let’s hope that CBS release all the songs from her two TV specials (1971 & 1975) on a double CD! and that her last recorded show “Doris Day’s Best Friends” is released on DVD.

  8. montserrat says:

    I can not wait…

  9. Roxanne says:

    I am so so very excited with this news. I will run out and buy it the minute it becomes available. I have always been a fan of Doris. Thank you Ms. Day just for being you. You are loved by so many.

  10. Pedro says:

    Look forward to this new release. Will order it as soon as available.

  11. Anthony says:

    I was really surprised when I heard that Doris Day was releasing a brand-new album. But I’m really excited for it, too. My mom and I are really big fans of hers. We’ll definitely be one of the first people to buy it.

  12. Fiona Mcguigan says:

    I just want to say that I grew up listening to Doris Day. My mum sang her songs all the time, and most importantly to my family ‘Que sara sara’. This song is our family anthem and my mums grandchildren sing it still. She loved Doris, we love Doris. I hope she reads this and knows what an amazing influence she had and has in our lives. Doris you are a beautiful lady, with a beautiful voice. Good health and happiness to you and your cause for the animals of this world. Much love xx

  13. Marlys Henrickson says:

    I am very excited to see this news and need to see if it has already been released. I absolutely love Doris Day and hope that the Oscars honors her in 2011!!! Long past due.

  14. graham says:

    I am so glad I looked at Doris Day’s wedsite. The release of a new CD would be so amazing. I grew up watching Doris Day movies with my mum and older sister. This would be a great honour for such a talented lady who has given joy to millions of people around the world. Australia loves you.

  15. […] site’s first news articles it confirmed the release of Ms. Day’s new album “My Heart“. Please refer to our June 2010 feature on the album for more information about […]

  16. Denny King says:

    I have always loved Doris, looking forward to getting a hold of this new recording & enjoying this woman’s beautiful talent!

  17. michael Hall says:

    Doris Day, is the

  18. greg klazura says:

    Doris’s stunningly emotive vocal performance of the Joe Cocker classic “You Are So Beautiful To Me” which is an absolute tearjerker – what a coincidence, as I will be doing this number in January, 2011, at a fashion show in Primm, Nevada. Oh how I would love to hear Ms Day’s rendition. WOWWWWWW.
    I have followed her career since “Romance On The High Seas.”

  19. Laura Maginley Perkins says:

    Thanks you, Miss Doris for your resilence and have a mult-faceted life and career! You are the BEST! My granddaughter, Tyera bouwens and I just love you soooo much! Thank you for the wonderful and imspiring influence on my life, and Tyera’s, and countless others! It is tyera’s wish to come out to Carmel, CA., to meet you. she is a brillant and 70% blind, but we make the most of it, as you have said, “Just doing my very best”, when you did radio interiew 10/30/2010, We are doing our very best, too. Like you, we’re still singing, dancing, and “Still Kick’in”…we love you…Thank you, once more, Happy new year, Laura and Tyera

  20. CarolinaBear says:

    Any update on this release? I’ve been waiting all winter to order it!

  21. Christie says:

    Any news on when “My Heart” will be released? If I recall correctly it was to be issued sometime in Spring 2011.

  22. Bryan McKay says:

    My parents said even at the age of eight that I, “laughed and laughed” myself silly watching GLASS BOTTOM BOAT. Thanks Doris for so many years of funny movies that I still enjoy today!

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