Move Over, Darling (film)

December 19, 1963 2 Comments

US Release Date: 19 December 1963

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  • Doris Day Ellen Wagstaff Arden (aka Eva Swensen and Eve)
  • James Garner Nicholas ‘Nick’/’Nicky’ Arden
  • Polly Bergen Bianca Steele Arden
  • Thelma Ritter Grace Arden
  • Fred Clark Mr. Codd, the Hotel Manager
  • Chuck Connor Stephen Burkett, aka Adam

This is the remake of the 1940’s comedy My Favorite Wife which was intended for blonde siren Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was never to finish the film and the role was later re-written for Doris. The story begins five years after Nicholas Arden’s wife disappeared and is declared legally dead. He then remarries and sets off to Monteray with his new wife Bianca. The same morning though the “missing” wife arrives home after being rescued by the Navy from a desert island. Two wifes + one husband – guarantees for a lot of laughs along the way as this madcap adventure unfolds. The “suggestive” title-tune to this slapstick movie became Doris’s biggest selling European single of the 1960s.

Director(s): Michael Gordon
Producer(s): Aaron Rosenberg & Martin Melcher
Studio: 20th Century Fox  (USA)
Colour (DeLuxe Color-CinemaScope)
Alternate Title: This film was also known as Something’s Gotta Give (Working Title)

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2 Comments to “Move Over, Darling (film)”
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