Caprice (film)

June 7, 1967 1 Comment

US Release Date: 07 June 1967

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  • Doris Day Patricia Fowler
  • Richard Harris Christopher White
  • Ray Walston Stuart Clancy
  • Jack Kruschen Matthew Cutter
  • Edward Mulhare Sir Jason Fox
  • Lilia Skala Madame Piasco
  • Michael J. Pollard Barney

This playful, comedy-thriller was as close as any Day movie got to paying homage to the James Bond franchise. Doris plays Patricia Fowler who finds herself involved in some action packed capers as she investigates her Father’s suspicious death. She soon discovers that a cosmetic empire that he had been involved with was the front for international drug smuggling. This was the last movie that Doris actually sung a soundtrack song for and in this instance the title tune was a Parisian flavoured ballad.

Director(s): Frank Tashlin
Producer(s): Aaron Rosenberg & Martin Melcher (Co-Producer Barney Rosenzweig)
Studio: 20th Century Fox  (USA)
De-Luxe Color-CinemaScope

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