Where Were You When The Lights Went Out? (film)

June 19, 1968 4 Comments

US Release Date: 19 June 1968

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  • Doris Day Margaret Garrison
  • Robert Morse Waldo Zirrer
  • Terry Thomas Ladislaus Walichek
  • Patrick O’Neal Peter Garrison
  • Lola Albright Roberta Lane
  • Steve Allen Radio Announcer
  • Jim Backus Tru-Blue Lou

It’s 9 November 1965 and New York is having one of its largest blackouts leaving millions of Americans in the dark. This includes a New York executive (Zirrer) who is in the process of stealing a fortune from his company. Destinies take their course because of the outage with a Broadway actress (Garrison) and her husband finding themselves in the exec’s world. Some refer to this as a “misguided comedy”. The truth is it did little to reverse the critical and commercial downturn of Doris’s movie career during this period.

Director(s): Hy Averback
Producer(s): Robert Vreeland, Everett Freeman & Martin Melcher
Studio: MGM  (USA)

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4 Comments to “Where Were You When The Lights Went Out? (film)”
  1. Shelby Cobra says:

    Of all the actresses there was only one that I dreamed of meeting. She was the mother we wanted & to some the girlfriend they wished they had.
    That was Doris Day. There was a feeling of tranquility & happiness of puppy dogs & kittens.
    Doris makes you feel warm soft inside like a big slice of apple pie.
    There will never ever be another humanitarian such as Doris Day. Thank you for the memories.

  2. Anne Quinn says:

    I love all Doris Day’s but I have a lot of them on video are any of them coming out on dvd
    so I can get rid of the videos
    Please write back to me
    Anne Quinn

  3. Robert Morse’s character in “Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?” is Waldo Zane, not Zirrer.I tried to send a message before to the webmaster but there was a problem;I thought you might like the correction. Well, here’s to all things Doris Day!!

  4. Michael McKenna says:

    Unfortunately, this is one of the very last Doris Day films that has not yet been released on DVD (although it was issued on videocassette a number of years ago by MGM). Will “Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?” ever see the “Light” of “Day” on DVD? Well, some inside information I was told by someone in the know at Warner Bros. (who has been releasing all Doris’ MGM films) is that this film – which is based upon a French farce play – has the rights tied up due to this very same “French connection”. For this reason, the rights to releasing Doris’ 1965 blackout comedy are tied up for the present time. Oh well – maybe on the day Universal releases “Midnight Lace” on DVD, we might also see “Where Were You…” released by Warners on DVD! Well, anyway…one can wish!

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