Secret Love: 1951-1955 (German compilation album boxset featuring Doris Day’s complete Columbia recordings from this era)

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Germany Release Date: 2 May 1995

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  1. It’s So Laughable
  2. Something Wonderful
  3. We Kiss in a Shadow
  4. Very Good Advice
  5. Tell Me (Why Nights Are So Lonely)
  6. Till We Meet Again
  7. Moonlight Bay
  8. My Life’s Desire
  9. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (Doris Day & Jack Smith)
  10. Every Little Movement (Has a Meaning All Its Own)
  11. Love Ya (Doris Day & Jack Smith)
  12. Cuddle up a Little Closer
  13. (Why Did I Tell You I Was Going to) Shanghai
  14. Lonesome and Sorry
  15. Ask Me (Because I’m So in Love)
  16. Kiss Me Goodbye, Love
  17. Got Him off My Hands (But Can’t Get Him off My Mind)
  18. Baby Doll
  19. Oops!
  20. If That Doesn’t Do It
  21. Domino
  22. Makin’ Whoopee (Doris Day & Danny Thomas)
  23. It Had to Be You
  24. My Buddy
  25. One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)
  26. ‘Moonlight Bay’ Interview


  1. I’ll See You in My Dreams
  2. I Wish I Had a Girl
  3. Ain’t We Got Fun? (Doris Day & Danny Thomas)
  4. Nobody’s Sweetheart
  5. How Lovely Cooks the Meat (Doris Day & Frankie Laine)
  6. Sugarbush (Doris Day & Frankie Laine)
  7. Guy Is a Guy
  8. Little Kiss Goodnight (Doris Day & Guy Mitchell)
  9. Gently Johnny (Doris Day & Guy Mitchell)
  10. Who Who Who
  11. Take Me in Your Arms
  12. Make It Soon
  13. My Love and Devotion
  14. It’s Magic
  15. When I Fall in Love
  16. Cherries
  17. April in Paris
  18. No Two People (Doris Day & Donald O’Connor)
  19. You Can’t Lose Me (Doris Day & Donald O’Connor)
  20. I Know a Place
  21. That’s What Makes Paris Paree
  22. I’m Gonna Ring the Bell Tonight
  23. Second Star to the Right
  24. Your Mother and Mine


  1. Mister Tap Toe
  2. Ma Says, Pa Says (Doris Day & Johnnie Ray)
  3. Full Time Job (Doris Day & Johnnie Ray)
  4. Beautiful Music to Love By
  5. You Have My Sympathy
  6. Let’s Walk That-A-Way (Doris Day & Johnnie Ray)
  7. Candy Lips (Doris Day & Johnnie Ray)
  8. Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee
  9. King Chanticleer
  10. I’ll Forget You
  11. If You Were the Only Girl In The World
  12. Your Eyes Have Told Me So
  13. Ain’t We Got Fun?
  14. Just One Girl
  15. By the Light of the Silv’ry Moon
  16. Ain’t We Got Fun? [Remake]
  17. When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along
  18. Purple Cow
  19. Kiss Me Again, Stranger
  20. Black Hills of Dakota [Quartet]
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  21. ‘Tis Harry I’m Plannin’ to Marry [Quartet]
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  22. Just Blew in from the Windy City
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  23. This Too Shall Pass Away
  24. Woman’s Touch
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  25. Choo Choo Train
  26. Secret Love
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  27. I Can Do Without You (Doris Day & Howard Keel)
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  28. Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away!)
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  29. ‘Secret Love’ Interview


  1. Love You Dearly [From “Lucky Me”]
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  2. Lost in Loveliness
  3. I Speak to the Stars (Previously Unreleased)
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  4. What Every Girl Should Know
  5. Blue Bells of Broadway (Are Ringing Tonight)
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  6. I Speak to the Stars
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  7. Kay Muleta
  8. Anyone Can Fall in Love
  9. Jimmy Unknown
  10. Someone Else’s Roses
  11. If I Give My Heart to You
  12. There’s a Rising Moon
    (Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster)
  13. You, My Love
  14. Hold Me in Your Arms
  15. Till My Love Comes to Me
  16. Ready, Willing and Able
  17. Two Hearts, Two Kisses (Make One Love)
  18. Foolishly Yours
  19. I’ll Never Stop Loving You
  20. Love’s Little Island [Take 9]
  21. Ooh! Band! Jiggly! Jang!
  22. Let It Ring
  23. Whad’ja Put in That Kiss (Previously Unreleased)
  24. When I’m Happy (Previously Unreleased)
  25. Live It Up (Previously Unreleased)
  26. I’m a Big Girl Now (Previously Unreleased)
  27. I’ve Gotta Sing Away These Blues
  28. Love’s Little Island [Take 11] (Previously Unreleased)

CD5 (Love Me Or Leave Me):

  1. It All Depends on You [Mono]
  2. You Made Me Love You (I Didn’t Want To Do It) [Mono]
  3. Stay on the Right Side, Sister [Mono]
  4. Mean to Me [Mono]
  5. Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don’t Love Nobody But Me) [Mono]
  6. Sam, the Old Accordion Man [Mono]
  7. Shaking the Blues Away [Mono]
  8. Ten Cents a Dance [Mono]
  9. I’ll Never Stop Loving You [Mono]
  10. Never Look Back [Mono]
  11. At Sundown [Mono]
  12. Love Me or Leave Me [Mono]
  13. Never Look Back [Audition] [Mono] (Previously Unreleased)
  14. Love Me Or Leave Me: Overture [Stereo]
  15. It All Depends on You [Stereo]
  16. You Made Me Love You [Stereo]
  17. Stay on the Right Side, Sister [Stereo]
  18. Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don’t Love Nobody But Me) [Stereo]
  19. Mean to Me [Stereo]
  20. Sam, the Old Accordion Man [Stereo]
  21. Shaking the Blues Away [Stereo]
  22. Ten Cents a Dance [Stereo]
  23. I’ll Never Stop Loving You [Stereo]
  24. Never Look Back [Stereo]
  25. At Sundown [Stereo]
  26. Love Me or Leave Me/Finale [Stereo]
  27. Ten Cents a Dance [Short Version] [Alternate Version] [Mono]
  28. Love Me or Leave Me [Alternate Version] [Mono]

Features all 135 recordings which Doris Day made for Columbia Records between 1951-1955.

Conductor: Various
Label: Bear Family Germany (#BCD15746EK)
Format: 5x Audio CDs

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