Doris Day’s Best Friends (1980s Television Chat Show)

August 31, 2005 5 Comments

Doris Day’s Best Friends
US Transmission Date: 1985/86

On 16 July 1985, Doris Day’s Best Friends premiered on the American cable channel the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN). This series of 30 minute shows was to be Doris’s last regular return to the small screen. The main focus of these shows was to promote awareness on various animal welfare issues that Doris felt impassioned about as well as chat and reminisce about the good old days with some of her dearest showbiz friends. Doris recorded with her son Terry Melcher a handful of songs especially for the show including the main theme [these remain unreleased].

Episode Guide:-
01: Rock Hudson
02: Les Brown and His Band of Renown
03: Bobby Benson
04: Denver Pyle
05: Earl Holiman
06: “Biggest”
07: Joan Fontaine
08: Cleveland Amory and Ryan P. Melcher
09: Gretchen Wyler
10: Mickey Gilley
11: Danny Cooksey
12: California Rescue Dogs Association (CARDA)
13: Alan Shepard
14: Howard Keel
15: Kaye Ballard
16: Monterey County SPCA
17: Angie Dickinson
18: Robert Wagner
19: Tony Randall and Ryan P. Melcher
20: Loni Anderson
21: Jill St. John
22: Gary Collins
23: Gwen Wynn
24: Tony Bennet
25: Connie Edney and “Biggest”
26: Leslie Nielsen

Production Credits:

  • Executive Producer – David Freyss & Terry Melcher
  • Producer – Dan Evans
  • Director – Joe Coleman
  • Writers – Terry Melcher & Dan Evans
  • Music Directors – Terry Melcher & Bill House
  • Best Friends” Theme Song written by Terry Melcher & Bill House
  • Makeup – Michelle Rede
  • Hair Stylist – Barbara Lampson & Jon Thanos
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5 Comments to “Doris Day’s Best Friends (1980s Television Chat Show)”
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  4. montserrat says:

    can i buy them?

  5. Pettles says:

    It’s still my sincere desire to see “Doris Day’s Best Friends” television series put to DVD.

    Doris is still internationally heralded above many stars of today, and the mail she receives helps to prove that.

    Any word on this being done with her “Best Friends” show?

    Maybe if we all pray about it, then God will bless someone to step forward and do it.

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