Pierre Patrick publishes his guide to Doris Day’s TV work “Que Sera Sera – The Magic of Doris Day Through Television”

January 23, 2007 4 Comments

It’s easy to become complacent and overlook yet another Doris Day book, CD or DVD as everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. This book however is what I call a “true” labour of love as it was the brainchild of someone I know to have a “genuine” appreciation for America’s sweetheart. That someone is French Canadian-born Pierre Patrick!

For those fans who keep a watchful eye out for all things Day related you will likely recall the article Pierre wrote for American magazine Television Chronicles about Doris’s TV sitcom and his interview with the star of the show – Doris Day.

‘QUE SERA SERA: The Magic of Doris Day Through Television’ is published by Bear Manor Media (USA). It features close to 200 B/W photographs and benefits from the penmanship of acclaimed Iowa-born writer Garry McGee (the man behind 2005’s Doris Day: Sentimental Journey). There is also a hilariously funny comic-strip spoof of her TV show character drawn by artist Angelo Torres (for Mad magazine), interviews with many of Doris’s sitcom co-stars and a cute foreword from Jackie Joseph. Oh, and did I mention even Doris gives an exclusive interview for the project!

Pierre’s book is an “ultimate companion” of amazing facts and trivia on her sitcom and the other significant television appearances she made. At the same time it gives a good appreciation for the other strings to her bow, touching on her classic films and albums etc.  I’ve seen, read and enjoyed this book and would certainly say that if you are loving the sitcom DVDs you will definitely adore this book!

QUE SERA SERA: The Magic of Doris Day Through Television
Publisher: Bear Manor Media USA / Format: Paperback
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4 Comments to “Pierre Patrick publishes his guide to Doris Day’s TV work “Que Sera Sera – The Magic of Doris Day Through Television””
  1. Allen-Pollock says:

    Celebrating Doris Day’s glorious movie and recording career makes it so easy to overlook her later foray into television. The fact that Hollywood’s popular acting elite of the 50’s and 60’s were reluctant to involve themselves with the small screen was due to the realistic fear such activity would diminish their cinema box-office appeal. That relevant factor combined with obvious time constraints was no doubt the reason Doris made few television appearances during her movie career except the odd promotional spot in connection with a newly released film.

    From being the top female box-office movie star at the beginning of the 60’s, it must have been shock news by its end when she discovered she was committed to an iron-clad contract to make a television sitcom, having been signed up without her knowledge by husband/agent/manager Marty Melcher who had unfortunately died before she was made aware of the reality of the situation. In such circumstances, having to switch gears and enter the fast and furious production requirements of small-screen-media must have been a bitter pill to swallow. However, Doris soon knuckled down and THE DORIS DAY SHOW was launched by CBS in 1968 for a five year run ending in 1973 with the Day personality enabling the show’s family-friendly cheerfulness combined with frequently changing plot formulae which moved its initial static rural setting to the more plot inspiring environs of San Francisco and the world of publishing which allowed Doris to benefit from sophisticated glamour and romantic attachments reminiscent of her Universal screen comedies. Overcoming her obvious early reluctance, Doris gradually took control of the Show with son, Terry, and growing annual ratings were due in no small measure to their hands-on involvement in ensuring all those participating before and behind camera worked as happy team.

    Whilst US viewers had access to this series, others were not so lucky and for thirty years THE DORIS DAY SHOW has rarely been seen. However, the wonder of DVD has now brought the Show back for our enjoyment and appraisal via four available Seasons and the final box-set due later in 2007.

    It’s therefore opportune that QUE SERA, SERA: THE MAGIC OF DORIS DAY THROUGH TELEVISION should be written and published with its emphasis on chronicling THE DORIS DAY SHOW – a synopsis of each episode; descriptions of the actors involved, plus production values and behind-the-scenes detail. The book’s Forward has been written by Jackie Joseph, a friend of Doris, who appeared in Season’s four and five. Producer Don Genson is on hand to give a general view of the Show.

    The book also aptly describes two musical “Specials” THE DORIS MARY KAPPELHOFF SPECIAL (1971) – with guest Perry Como – now also available on DVD and DORIS DAY TODAY (1975) with John Denver and Rich Little as guests. A magazine format series DORIS DAY’S BEST FRIENDS ran on US cable 1985/86, putting the spotlight on animal welfare issues within its mix of interviews and music and attracting such guests as Rock Hudson, Les Brown, Tony Bennett and Howard Keel. DORIS DAY : A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY (1991), a PBS documentary is also featured.

    Additionally, the authors turn the clock back to list (incomplete) the other early 50’s DORIS DAY SHOW – a syndicated half-hour radio series in the USA – which was also partially adapted and broadcast by the BBC Light Programme in the UK. Adding to nearly 200 black and white photographs and film posters, thumbnail descriptions of the Day movies and significant recordings are adequately covered, whilst authors, Pierre Patrick and Garry McGee individually reflect on the Day career etc. Most important of all is an interview with the lady herself.

    Whilst there are no obvious errors in the facts, I wish someone had decided on the form and correction of “Kapplehoff” or “Kappelhoff” but that is a minor gripe. To sum up, the authors must be congratulated on the outcome of their research for this book is a veritable reference delight for Day fans with its detailed information. Others will also appreciate and learn about this neglected element of the Day career.

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