20th Century Fox debut on Region 1 DVD “Move Over, Darling”, “Do Not Disturb” & “Caprice”

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On the 20 January 2007, 20th Century Fox (USA) released on R1 DVD all their Doris Day movies from the 1960s. The excitement for this monumentus occasion was heightened by the news that some “specially” commissioned bonus materials were included.

They say “all good things come to those who wait” and having now got all three Fox DVDs I can say it is true!
This particular project follows in the footsteps of those high standards set by the breathtakingly good Warner Bros. (USA) boxset The Doris Day Collection. The good news is that Fox has fought and won a valiant battle to keep up with Warner’s past achievements!

Admittedly, Fox didn’t have as much scope here as Doris’s movie career was on the wane when she made their three kitsch comedy-capers. On saying that these movies have all improved with age and stand tall for being cheery, upbeat farces that make uplifting “family-friendly” viewing!

When exploring each DVD it is crystal clear that the production team put a lot of time and thought into matters. In actual fact one of the included bonus features demonstrates a ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison of the improvements made by the 2006 digital video restoration work. [ We are told the process of restoring each film to its original condition took 48 hours on Move Over, Darling; 20 hours on Do Not Disturb and a staggering 140 hours on Caprice! ]
I guess once you have the movies in sparkling condition you are almost ready to roll. Fox however chose not to skimp on proceedings by opting to wrap their 2007 releases in some very cutesy picture disc, slip-case packaging. Each movie then has groovy screen menus and a generous dose of “specially” commissioned bonus features.
Yes, fans really are in for a treat with the included extras! Each movie is complimented by original theatrical trailers, picture galleries and best of all new mini-documentaries. These docs contain informative interviews with the likes of A. E Hotchner (Day’s official biographer), Drew Casper (Film critic), Mort Garson (Music producer), Polly Bergen (Actress/Singer) Jackie Joseph (Co-star from DD Show), Pierre Patrick (music producer/biographer) and Jerry Goehring (producer of musical “Definitely Doris”).

For example Move Over, Darling has a snap-shot doc of how the film changed from being a Marilyn Monroe picture to one that Day took up after Marilyn was fired. Polly Bergen, the co-star of this movie also provides a new interview about her role and working with Day. Do Not, Disturb spotlights Day’s love for animals and the music maestro Mort Garson (producer of this film’s soundtrack and Doris’s albums Latin for Lovers and Sentimental Journey). The Caprice DVD then contains obscure radio interviews with Doris and Richard Harris and featurettes about the film’s fashions and Doris’s husband/manager Marty Melcher.

As we are now getting to the end of 2007 I think I am safe to say this DVD series rates as this site’s “FAVOURITE OF 2007”!. Discovering Doris gives Fox and the production team at Cloverland a rating for their efforts on these DVDs!

  • Move Over, Darling
    Available Subtitles: English & Spanish
    Available Audio Tracks: English Mono, English Stereo, French Mono & Spanish MonoSpecial Features:
    – The Amazing Road To Move Over Darling
    – Doris Vs. Marilyn
    – A Conversation with Polly Bergen
    – D.W Griffith’s Enoch Arden: Part II – the 1911 film based on the original poem which inspired Move Over, Darling
    – Restoration Comparison
    – Various Original Theatrical Trailers
    – Photo Gallery
  • Do Not Disturb
    Available Subtitles: English, French & Spanish
    Available Audio Tracks: English in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, English & Spanish in Dolby Digital 2.0 MonoSpecial Features:
    – The Rise of Doris Day
    – Doris Day’s Best friends
    – The Extra Prince: Mike Romanoff
    – The Music Man: Mort Garson
    – Restoration Comparison
    – Various Theatrical Trailers
    – Photo Galleries: The Fashion of Do Not Disturb, Behind the Scenes and Studio Shots
  • Caprice
    Available Subtitles: English & Spanish
    Available Audio Tracks: English in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, English, French & Spanish in Dolby Digital 2.0 MonoSpecial Features:
    – Commentary by Authors Pierre Patrick and John Cork
    – The Caprice Look: Conversation with Costume Designer Ray Aghayan
    – Double-O Doris
    – Doris and Marty
    – Doris Day Radio Interviews
    – Richard Harris Radio Interviews
    – Restoration Comparison
    – Various Theatrical Trailers
    – Photo Gallery
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