Radio DJ Mike Cleary chats with Doris on her birthday and re-unites her live on air with her former co-star James Garner

April 15, 2007 No Comments

One of the common most asked questions other than “what is Doris’s phone number and email address?” (neither of which are for posting on this site!) is “how is she?” and “is she alive?”…

I am pleased to say that although I personally do not have a direct hotline to Ms. Day I am kept informed that she is well and continuing to be in good spirits as she enjoys life with her much loved four-legged friends in Carmel (California).

Although Doris in general shies away from cameras and giving interviews she does every now and then make a telephone call into her local radio station to chat to her favourite disc jockeys/air personalities. This all started when the nice folks at Magic 63 radio wanted to show her that although not in the public eye she is still very much in people’s thoughts. This paved the way to the station beginning an annual Doris Day birthday show.

Doris is the first to admit that she was never really one for making a fuss about her birthdays (as in her words it is “just a number”). But, she wholeheartedly embraces this tradition now as each year lucky listeners are virtually guaranteed a catch-up chat over the airwaves with the star.

For those who missed the 2007 birthday chat I can tell you now Doris was very upbeat and thrilled to find herself talking to her former co-star James Garner live on air. She really appreciated the station arranging the “surprise” chat with James (especially when so many of her showbiz pals have since passed away). Doris ended up chatting away to DJ Mike Cleary for a good 15 minutes!

Doris also exclaimed how all her four leggers are also doing okay. Oh yes, she may not be on email or a user of the world wide web but she did have this to say when Mike told her how the search engine Google had 2,540,000+ websites about her:

“WHAT! I did not know that…everyone has been telling me I have a lot of websites but I don’t know anything about that….that is incredible!”   – Doris Day  (3 April 2007)

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