An interview with the cabaret singer Craig Pomranz

December 30, 2007 No Comments

Below is an interview with the singer Craig Pomranz whose latest album “My Heart Don’t Skip A Beat” is available now.

What inspired you to be a singer?
I was a very shy child in elementary school, but when our music teacher decided to do a little concert and she asked all of us to sing I just lost all my shyness and sang… and she gave me all of the solos. People seemed so astounded because I had been so quiet up until then, I kept on singing and decided to look for professional things to do. I heard about an audition at the St. Louis MUNY Opera (the largest professional outdoor theatre in the US) and out of 800 kids auditioning, got my first professional acting/singing job at age 12 as Tom of Warwick in “Camelot” opposite John Cullum and England’s Sally Ann Howes (who I had a HUGE crush on) and have worked ever since. My inspirations were the great singers of my parents’ generation. I learned to sing by imitating Doris Day, Sammy Davis Jr., and a host of others.

Best memory from your performances?
So many (good and bad!) …one is meeting Jazz legend Teddi King and having her come up to me and say, “Some people have to and are meant to sing – YOU are one of those – I could listen to you forever, thank you.” Having just arrived to New York at 18, I was totally tongue-tied.

I understand Doris is an inspiration to you. Why?
In St. Louis (and probably all over) there were always Doris Day movies showing on TV….I remember in “My Dream is Yours” the story being so true to what Doris’ natural talents are….a singer learning about phrasing and telling a story…that velvety voice was the added thrill. By the time I knew “Love Me or Leave Me” by heart, even as a kid, it had already been integrated into what I try to accomplish when I sing: learn the melody as written and then tell the story, hopefully creating an intimacy with my audience. Many people have nice instruments, pretty sounds, but if you can’t tell the story and simply follow the line of music without a lot of vocal pyrotechnics…I am not so sure that is singing at its best. I particularly admire Doris’ intimacy, you really feel she is singing the song to you alone, whispering right in your ear. If I can achieve that I am happy.

Do you have a favourite Doris Day album?

I have read so often about Doris’ early live performances and how jazzy and sexy they were and I think we get a glimpse of that with the ‘Duets‘ album with Andre Previn…I play her records often and I also collect Doris Day sheet music…I’m missing “A Woman’s Touch” from “Calamity Jane” if someone out there is reading this… [please contact this site if you can assist Craig]

What are your plans for the future?
I have two more CD’s coming out and performances in NY in September and October at NY’s newest and nicest clubs, The Metropolitan Room. And with the success at The Gardenia Lounge I will return to LA in November which I am very excited about….so everyone come out and say hello…and mention Doris. There are talks about returning to London (one of my favorite places to perform in the world). So visit my site if you can for updates and news…and Thank You Stephen for your support and for this very important site….oh…one last thing, I want everyone to keep writing in to the Academy for Doris’ much-deserved special Academy Award.

Sincere thanks to Craig Pomranz for taking the time to do this Q&A interview (conducted by Stephen M).


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