2009 Doris Day calendar raises over $2300 for our four-legged friends

March 7, 2009 No Comments

I am thrilled to report that hundreds of you supported my quest to raise another heap of money for the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Thanks to your kindness the entire stock of this year’s calendar has sold out. The best bit is even during such an economic downturn we succeeded in bettering last year’s total raised.

It’s no secret that Doris is an animal welfare advocate. As most people also know she heads two American-based animal organisations. Both work tirelessly to improve the lives of many of our four-legged friends.

For a second year running, this website arranged the production of a “professionally” printed Doris Day wall calendar which unearthed many scarce photographs from the star’s Hollywood heyday. The calendar was not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Doris Day but was produced in an effort to raise money for her Animal Foundation.

What I am proud to now reveal is the 2009 calendar has triumphed by raising $2318.52USD. This was the total profit made from this venture after the deduction of costs for production, packaging, postage etc. Not a cent was pocketed for self-gain with all of the profits going to help what I am sure you will agree is a very worthy cause.

Sincere thanks to everyone who bought these calendars as over the last two years we have now raised over $4500USD. This good news is going to make a very timely and perfect birthday gift for our Doris. I am actually just about to post Doris written confirmation of your efforts in a very cute “Have A Pooch Perfect Day” birthday card.

Click here to read the letter from the Doris Day Animal Foundation that confirms receipt of the donation

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