Thousands of Facebook users rally to get Doris Day an honourary Oscar

May 27, 2010 2 Comments

Click here to join 5000+ film lovers crusading for Doris Day to be presented with an honourary Oscar!

In these modern times, there are many wrongs which we as individuals can not easily fix as they are just too big for us alone to tackle. We only just have to turn on the news to see the lives of people and wildlife being devastated by oil spills, war and other natural disasters. Our hearts and prayers genuinely go out to all effected by these saddening events.

Do please forgive us when we now leap boldly to a topic which maybe is of a lesser importance in comparison. There is however one wrong from decades ago which we do ask for your support to try and put right. We of course are referring to the failure of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to present the actress Doris Day with an Oscar.

Between 1947 and 1968, Doris Day starred in a total of 39 feature films which showcased her absolute versatility and god given talent as a character actress. For a significant part of this career she was a “#1 Box Office Attraction” with her performances gaining both critical acclaim and the adoration of millions of film-goers all around the world. So we ask ourselves time and time again why on earth did an Oscar elude her?!

It appears that many of you frustrated with this injustice have now turned to the powers of Social Networking websites to try and bring about some change to this situation. What we would ask is you join thousands of other movie lovers who have added themselves to one user’s Facebook page created on this very topic. In our view it makes more sense to spread the word about this existing page opposed to setting up other smaller groups which may go un-noticed.
If you would like to see Doris Day awarded an honourary Oscar please click the link below to the MOST popular Facebook page on this topic. Once there press the all important LIKE button. It is that simple!

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2 Comments to “Thousands of Facebook users rally to get Doris Day an honourary Oscar”
  1. montserrat says:

    Wonderful…thankyou sooo much MM

  2. Lamar Cole says:

    She is very deserving of this honor.

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