International superstar Doris Day is to launch her own official website on

May 30, 2010 14 Comments

Now here’s something to shout about Doris Day will soon be talking to you all direct from her all-new official website!

As many of this site’s long-term followers will know our former home on the web was We did however take the decision some years ago to hand over this domain name to Ms. Day’s management for future use by her representatives. The official replacement to our site however left many of you feeling very disappointed and underwhelmed as it offered just a static single page.

Well we are please to reveal that things are soon to change. Behind the scenes a new web team is working hard on preparing an all new home on the web to represent Doris Day.

We have been advised that Doris is extremely excited about this venture and her new look site should launch some time in early August 2010. We will of course keep your appraised of when this launch takes place. From what we have been advised you can expect a very comprehensive website containing a discography, filmography, photo gallery, feature stories with pictures of her four-leggers and even messages from Doris (including audio messages).

We can not think of many stars of Doris’s stature who are embracing the web with such gusto so we want to wish dear Doris great success with her new venture and truly commend her for getting so involved. In our eyes such a website has long been overdue and is one of the reasons why the ‘Discovering Doris’ website was launched 12 years ago (today) to ensure there was at least one site out there to represent such an amazingly talented star and all-round special lady.

Doris we look forward to hearing from you soon via your new online home:

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14 Comments to “International superstar Doris Day is to launch her own official website on”
  1. Craig says:

    This is exciting news! I will check back later in June. This is so needed and my thanks go out to the team behind the website!

  2. Beverley says:

    This is excellent news

  3. montserrat says:

    I can not wait….

  4. George says:

    Wonderful news!

  5. sandy tutsch says:

    First of all it is 2AM and i can’t believe that I’m reading this. Doris has been my shining star ever since she started and has and ALWAYS will be!!!! Of all the famous people that I have seen that has always been my biggest regret, not being able to see her in person.Oh LORD, thank you so much for letting me still be up and see this. I need her to know that she has got me through some of my down days, but mostly up because everyone knows, you can’t be gloomy when you are watching Doris. You are so right Doris, It IS MAGIC!!!! Bless you.

  6. Lynne says:

    This is just what i and everyone has been looking foward to. Great news Doris and Best Wishes… Love you…..

  7. montserrat says:

    I can not wait…

  8. Barbara Norton says:

    Wow!!! best new I have heard, to be able to post messages to Doris and she might recieve them, Hugh fan of D.D. no one will ever be able to hold a candle to her, she is the Best, and always will be.

  9. Dianna says:

    Hope this works out and is completed soon. I am sooo glad. My husband calls me Doris Day because I get my hair cut like hers, I have freckles and I like to smile. She is a bright, shining jewel and she was such an inspiring woman of integrity. Watching her act was never embarrassing to watch with anyone. Certainly wish it was that way again. My grandchildren do not have such wonderful memories of free from garbage tv entertainment.

  10. Dianna says:

    I want to leave 5 stars, but hit the button and can’t change it. I WOULD GIVE 10 IF I COULD.

  11. Patricia says:

    “PLEASE” know you are loved by many, respected by all & a true treasure from from God! You have made such a wonderful place in so many people’s hearts over the years; not to mention doggies! “THANK YOU”

  12. Debbie says:

    I cannot think of a better gift for the world than a website connected to Doris Day. There are many of us who have followed her career and life and love her as an actress and person. Somehow, I have always felt connected to her and feel great respect for her work as an animal right advocate. She has given such joy and happiness to so many. When I feel low or down, al I have to do is watch one of her films and it lifts me up.

  13. Nadine says:

    I love you Doris you are the best!! 🙂

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