Follow in the footsteps of darling Doris by doing your bit to help needy animals (and it’s FREE to do!)

June 3, 2010 1 Comment

We all know that Doris Day is passionate about helping our four legged friends. She did after all start two wonderful animal welfare organisations which tirelessly work to improve the lives of animals.

This site has discovered a really neat way for everyone to follow in Doris Day’s footsteps without having to spend a dime. All you need do is visit the website and click their prominent “Click Here to Give – it’s FREE” button.

The site then displays a page of advertising banners from their sponsors and it is those sponsors who then automatically donate money that provides food and care for many rescued animals living in shelter or sanctuary.

Since The Animal Rescue Site began in 2002, they have helped fund more than 309,677,000 bowls of food. Please do help spread the word about this wonderful project on your twitter, facebook, myspace pages. Just think of how much good we can all do if we make this one click on a daily basis. I am sure Doris Day would be so proud of us all!

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One Comments to “Follow in the footsteps of darling Doris by doing your bit to help needy animals (and it’s FREE to do!)”
  1. michelle gratz-kucharski says:

    I love Doris Day and always have. I too rescue animals anytime that I see them in need. Last summer we raised a grouping of wood ducks that were abandoned, and have had three rescue dogs and two rescue cats. I feel like that is why I love Doris so much, she stands for what I stand for. Thanks Doris for making such a great foundation and standing up for those who don’t have voices.

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