Official launch today of the new look plus confirmation of Doris’ new “My Heart” album!

August 16, 2010 9 Comments

In May 2010, we revealed how Doris Day was preparing to launch her own ‘new’ website.

We are just thrilled to announce that it has today been launched and can now be found at Such a website in our opinion has been long overdue and we think it is fantastic that Ms. Day now has such great “official” representation on the world wide web. You can even hear a fabulous message from her on the opening page as well as see a very recent photograph taken of Doris under the ‘Multimedia: Timeline’ section. How totally cool is that!

One of the new site’s first-ever news updates also officially confirms the release of Ms. Day’s new album “My Heart” by Sony Music UK. For more information about this very exciting project please refer to our June 2010 article.

9 Comments to “Official launch today of the new look plus confirmation of Doris’ new “My Heart” album!”
  1. Sue Baker says:

    New site is awesome! Hope it will be interactive to connect w/her. Someone has put alot of time and effort into the site and it is terrific!

  2. Judy says:

    Wow this is an awesome site and I must add way overdue!!! Will be wonderful to interact with Doris…..

  3. Bill says:

    That is totally cool. I am going there now and check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Vaughn says:

    The web site is GREAT but I can’t wait for the new CD release (“MY HEART”)! But why is the UK getting it before the USA….and how soon after the UK release will it be available in the USA?

  5. lisa says:

    wonderful – I need the new CD too. I will buy it! Thanks

  6. Donna J says:

    What happened to the promised Doris Day website? Is, she okay! We, miss her!!!

  7. George Strum says:

    If I wrote a script for Doris it would be about a grandmother who is also a veternarian. Many scenes will show her taking care of her “patients” Trouble occurs when the town supervisors want to shut down friend Kay Ballard’s Dog Hotel. Of course Doris wins in the end. Yes she will sing the movie’s song at the beginning and end. If Doris likes the idea I’ll send her the script.

  8. Teri Lee says:

    I ordered your CD My Heart and as soon as I got it I listened to it. One of my favorite surprises was your son Terry singing Happy Endingns, it brought tears to my eyes, it is such a beautiful son and he did a perfect, warm job of singing. I’m glad you insisted he sign it. I enjoyed Stewball and OHIO, my home town. Keep them coming Miss Day you are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jan k. says:

    I love your new CD. Happy Endings should be heard all over the world. Every song on CD is beautiful. I’ve always loved your singing and movies, and still do. Let the world hear Happy Endings.

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