A Canadian fan shares with you what it is like to stay at Doris Day’s pet-friendly Cypress Inn

November 20, 2010 5 Comments

“Discovering Doris” would like to thank Canadian Doris Day fan Sharon for sending us her review with photographs. She wanted to share with you all what it was like to stay at Doris Day’s pet-friendly Cypress Inn which is located in the tranquil surroundings of Carmel in California. For more information on the Cypress Inn visit www.cypress-inn.com.

To all Doris fans!

I have recently had the pleasure and joy of being in Carmel California. Home of Doris Day. It is the most wonderful place to visit. Being a true Doris Day fan I have always wanted to visit Carmel. It is absolutely everything you have ever heard, and more.

The Cypress Inn is amazing from the very excellent people behind the desk to the people that make your room so attractive. There was also the sweetest girl working there who couldn’t do enough for you. She was constantly checking to make sure that everything was perfect. You absolutely come home feeling you have made a friend and spent time in the most wonderful place.

The Cypress Inn is so warm and friendly. One added advantage is that you can bring your pets. It is so much fun to see dogs coming in, as if they have been there before they go right up to the desk and beg for a treat, which is kept on the desk. Everyone takes their dogs to the patio while they are eating or in Terry’s bar for breakfast (for the human’s). The dogs are so well behaved and happily sit at their owner’s feet. They enjoy seeing other dogs come in with their owners. A lot of them are rescue dogs, and one dog we met “works” in a homeless centre. They love to go to the beach and ocean which is near the Cypress.

Terry’s bar (Doris’ son) offers the eating area for the wonderful breakfast which comes with the Inn. The fresh fruit, muffin’s, danish, coffee and tea are so delicious and a wonderful start to the day. It is so nice to see a dog you had made a fuss over again.

The Tower bedroom is possibly the best room in the hotel. When you go in the room there is a living room with sofa, TV and a bathroom which has been extended. You go up spiral stairs to get to the bedroom. It is so beautiful up there with all the windows open and the fresh California air coming in to the bedroom. It is so fresh and the bedding is absolutely to love. It is so warm and snugly under the blankets which are so fluffy. When you go down to breakfast your room is cleaned with fresh flowers, and a basket of wonderful fruit. At night you get a chocolate on your pillow.

It was the most fantastic trip and I loved every minute of it. I hope many of you get to enjoy this wonderful Holiday at The Cypress Inn.


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5 Comments to “A Canadian fan shares with you what it is like to stay at Doris Day’s pet-friendly Cypress Inn”
  1. I went to Carmel California in march 2008.We drove the 17mile which took us passed Clint Eastwoods home and Doris Days home we were lucky her gates were open but we were not allowed to stop.We had a few hours in Carmel which is really beautiful by the side of the pacific ocean.We saw Doris,s hotel and restuarant but only from the coach i would have loved to have gone in and have a look round. This holiday was my dream and the only part i didnt fulfil was to meet my favourite since i was a child of 4 our lovely Doris … may god bless her

  2. Gino Mazzarelli says:

    I’m from Montreal, Canada and also went to Carmel in November 2005 and stayed at the Cypress Inn and agree with Sharon that the service is just impeccable. We even had sherry in a glass container under the TV set which no matter how much of it we drank was refilled the next day. And pet friendly to boot. So we went back in September 2007. I’m a long time fan of Doris as well, so as Kathleen mentioned “May God bless her”.

  3. Teresa says:

    We’ve been wanting to go to Carmel for Doris Day’s birthday for the last several years. So far, we have not made it. Thank you for letting us know the Carmel Inn is as wonderful as we had imagined it would be !

  4. Catherine McLeod says:

    It is so nice to see all of these wonderful comments about Doris and the Cypress Inn. I am 67 and have been a fan since 1953 when I first heard If I Give My Heart To You….I actually had the pleasure of meeting Doris at the Cypress with 3 other fans on my 5th visit…what a joy. That was about 11 years ago and I will cherish that time forever. She sat with us for a couple of hours and talked…it was her 75th birthday so we celebrated with some gifts to her and a drink or two. She was a joy! Just like you would expect. Very down to earth and funny. Gave everyone biggg hugs and a kiss on the cheek when she left in her Jeep wagon with dog stickers and cages in it….WOW.
    I have been there 4 times since and hope to go back again soon. Doubt if I will ever be able to top that visit tho.

  5. esteban says:

    i also had the dream to visit carmel and the cypress inn, with hopes of meeting doris, and there i went in november 2009, all the way from argentina to california. i drove from l.a, enjoyed the wonderful scenery along the route and arrived in enchanted carmel by 5p.m. it was already dark when i got to cypress inn and i was happy to take some photos, have a coffee while looking the memorabilia on the walls, appreciate the lovely decoration and have a few words with the nice waitress. it’s a marvellous place and i’d love to be there on april 3rd some time… all carmel, pebble beahc, monterey are a delight and i understand doris’ love for that area.

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