DVD debut in USA on Universal’s ‘Vault Series’ for comedy-western “The Ballad of Josie”

May 20, 2011 2 Comments

In 2010, Universal Studios Home Entertainment pledged that it would make available for the first time on DVD many rare titles from its vaults via Amazon.com’s “On-Demand” service. The studio subsequently launched its digitally re-mastered “Universal Vault Series” which offers their less commercial movies to film buffs on a “Special Order” only basis (opposed to the traditional way of producing large DVD production runs).

The April 2011, batch of titles released under the “Vault Series” included Doris Day’s 1967 motion picture “The Ballad of Josie” which co-starred Peter Graves and George Kennedy. The comedy-western was one of just a few Doris Day films left to arrive stateside on the digital medium. This film may not be what we’d consider a “Doris Day Classic” but we are sure this DVD will delight completests who want to own all of the star’s movies in ‘Region 1’ format. Other titles that were also released included “Lady In A Jam“, “The Virginian“, “Eddie Macon’s Run” and “Ulzasa’s Raid“.

One word of warning. All of the “Vault Series” are manufactured on demand in a DVD-R recordable media. Please be warned that this is a slightly different type of DVD disc to those used for large DVD production runs. Some Home DVD players/recorders may therefore experience problems playing this DVD-R disc. Please do check your manufacturer’s instructions for details on compatibility!


The Ballad of Josie
Format: NTSC / Region: Region 1
Studio: Universal Studios
Order the DVD from amazon.com

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2 Comments to “DVD debut in USA on Universal’s ‘Vault Series’ for comedy-western “The Ballad of Josie””
  1. Nick Myers says:

    WOW! At last I can complete my Doris Day DVD collection. Have not seen this one so I am excited, and looking forward to watching it when it arrives. Thanks to those who made it possible and to Doris for her part which makes it all worth it.

  2. Doris Kunin says:

    Ballad of Josie is a great movie! I would like to know if this and her new cd will be able to play in the US. I have a boot leg copy of this movie and Midnight Lace. I would love to know if they have been released in due US. Also to complete my collection I need to find Julie and Where Were You When The Lights Went Out ? Any help out there?

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