WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Track listing revealed for “MY HEART” (Doris Day’s new album of original material)

June 1, 2011 29 Comments

The British division of the recording giant Sony Music has today unveiled to this site the full release details for Doris Day’s new album of original song material.

The stunning new collection of songs is entitled “MY HEART” and will be released in the United Kingdom on Compact Disc format on the 5 September 2011. A digital-download edition will also be available in the UK only. Fans are encouraged to support its release now by placing an advance order for the album via

In June 2010, we reported how Ms Day’s new album will feature “previously unreleased” songs which she cut after a brief return to the recording studio during the mid-1980s. Day’s late son Terry Melcher – who is best known internationally as the producer and songwriter for folk-rock pioneers The Byrds (“Mr. Tambourine Man”) – convinced his dear Mom to undertake these recording sessions under his guise. Six of the new songs contained on “MY HEART” originate from these very sessions. Although a few of these recordings were aired on Ms. Day’s eighties chat show for cable television, “Doris Day’s Best Friends“, the majority were left in an “unfinished” state until they were polished and perfected by an all-new production team.

Ms. Day was fully involved in the music selections for her new release which is notably her first for over 17 years to actually feature new studio recordings (the last being “The Love Album“). As well as the eighties recordings which we know you are going to absolutely adore there is also a studio recording which was cut for one of Day’s 1970s US TV specials plus a trio of other DD classics  from the vaults at Columbia.

The album’s full track listing is now exclusively revealed below. As you will see five of the new songs were co-written by Terry and  Beach Boys member Bruce Johnston: these include the dreamy title track ‘My Heart’, the romantic ‘Way I Dreamed It, the Beach Boy hit ‘Disney Girls’, the haunting ‘Happy Endings’ – sung by Terry (with a newly recorded spoken-word introduction by Day for her fans) – and the catchy ‘Heaven Tonight’ which we understand from Sony Music will be Day’s lead single for British radio (no physical or download release is planned!).

Also on the set list are three classic rock-era favourites: the Lovin’ Spoonful’s joyful 1966 hit ‘Daydream’, The Beach Boys’ nostalgic ‘Disney Girls’ (written by Bruce Johnston, who co-produced various recordings on “MY HEART”) and what is for us the absolute highlight of this entire project Day’s outstanding rendition of Joe Cocker’s ballad ‘You Are So Beautiful’. The other gem to receive its first official music release is Day’s delightful rendition of Streisand’s  ‘Hurry!, It’s Lovely Up Here’  (from the musical ‘On A Clear Day You Can See Forever’) – Day’s version was recorded especially for her 1971 TV special “The Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Special”.

Doris remarks about her new songs:

“I had to sing some modern songs…because I had already done all the old ones.”

Now we have to admit we did hope for more of the long-lost eighties recordings but thankfully there are enough present to make the wait very, very worthwhile. We must say though we were a wee bit surprised to see some old classics creeping into the track list of what is primarily an album of new material. These additions were however hand-picked by Ms. Day for sentimental reasons and boy does she pick some good tunes from her back catalogue, these include ‘Ohio’ (from the 1960 LP “Show Time“), ‘Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries’ (from the 1994 LP “The Love Album“), ‘My One And Only Love’ (from the 1962 LP “Duet” with Andre Previn) and ‘My Buddy’ (from the 1951 LP “I’ll See You In My Dreams“) – the latter track Ms. Day included as a dedication to her beloved son Terry, who died of melanoma in 2004.

No sleeve artwork has yet been released as this is still awaiting final approval. Also as yet there is still NO American release confirmed for this album. We can only therefore encourage fans overseas to offer their FULL support to the British release which we fully believe deserves a place in the British ‘Top 20’ chart.

Remember every purchase you make of the CD at helps make it a UK hit!


Label: Sony Music UK
Release Date: 5 September 2011
Order the CD from

  1. Hurry, It’s Lovely Up Here (Written by Alan Jay Lerner & Burton Lane) +
  2. Daydream (Written by John Sebastian) +
  3. Way I Dreamed It (Written by Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher) +
  4. Heaven Tonight (Written by Bruce Johnston) +
  5. My One & Only Love (Written by Robert Mellin & Guy Wood)
  6. My Heart (Written by Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher) +
  7. You Are So Beautiful (Written by Billy Preston & Bruce Fisher) +
  8. Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries (Written by Ray Henderson & Les Brown)
  9. Disney Girls (Written by Bruce Johnston) +
  10. My Buddy (Written by Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn)
  11. Happy Endings (Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher) +
    [Sung by Terry with introduction by Doris Day]
  12. Ohio (Betty Comden, Adolph Green & Leonard Bernstein)

+ Previously Unreleased Song

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29 Comments to “WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Track listing revealed for “MY HEART” (Doris Day’s new album of original material)”
  1. Cathy Panzeca says:

    Dear Doris, I am a big fan. I’m 46 and I grew up on all your movies and songs. I’m hoping to be able to get this c.d. I also wanted to tell you that I found out recently that an uncle of mine is related to you (Richard Welz) (Dick) I think that is soo cool. and too also tell you I’m from Cincinnati also, and the high school I went to is right down the street from where you lived. But anyway I just think your perfect.

  2. Cezar Harouche says:

    For sure will buy this one. But am using this channel to ask if it would be possible to have a copy of JULIE (the film) on DVD. Have tried to find in VHS but this is impossible in Brazil. Last July I was in Carmel but unfortunatelly I could not se her at the Cypress Inn and ask about it and, of course, see her in person. Can you help me? Is the sole missing in my collection. Tks

  3. Joe Zani says:

    Thanks Doris for the many years of happiness you have given to me and millions of others all over the world . I used to stand in line for over an hour with my sisters in Scotland to watch your films no matter what the weather . May God bless you with many years years of good health and happiness for the joy you gave to others and for the love you bring to neglected animals . People like you and Perry Como ,Petula Clark , Johnny Mathis etc showed the world what being a classy singer is .

  4. Craig Marquis says:

    I will most certainly buy it! I will purchase it from the UK if I can’t get it here in the US, in fact I bought quite a few cds of hers in the UK from Virgin Records when I visited there. I had never even seen them here on this side of the pond! I’m so excited! Doris Day rocks! It touched me regarding the dedication to Terry, what a lovely thought.

  5. Nick Myers says:

    It really is neat, when you think about the history involved here, to have a CD of Doris and Terry together. What an accomplishment! I am sure that Terry is smiling. Best Wishes and love to Doris. – Nick

  6. […] reported on in August 2010 and filed an update on back in November!  Thanks to the fine folks at Doris Day Tribute for spreading this news!  My Heart marks Doris’ first album of original studio material in some […]

  7. Pamela Mcfarlane says:

    Can’t wait to get this CD ;-)At long last we get to hear some more of the beautiful Doris. I’ve been waiting a long time and I’m only 33. lol

  8. Pamela Mcfarlane says:

    YAY, Pre ordered!! 😀

  9. […] TCM Mastering’s Ted Carfrae Produced and Mastered the latest release ‘My Heart’ from legendary movie star and singer, Doris Day. It’s a stunning collection of 13 original recordings released by the UK division of Sony. For release date and track details, click here. […]

  10. Rachel Rinehimer says:

    Oh my….I am BEYOND excited to get this CD! It will be a dream come true 🙂

    Doris, I don’t know if you read these comments or not–but if you do, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are, and for taking the time out of your very busy life to give this gift to your fans. We love you, Doris!

    May God richly bless you,
    Rachel Rinehimer (Allentown, PA)

  11. Gary says:

    I wish she had chosen to do “Both Sides Now”. I loved her version of that song, that she performed on her TV special back in the early 70’s – Beautiful – Just like her.

  12. Gary says:

    OK – Who is starting the push to get her on SNL? LMAO – I don’t think she would do it, but it would be sooo fun for her to poke fun at herself.

  13. Doris Kunin says:

    I am so glad to see a cd of songs that I don’t have a recording of already, just hope this will work on US players. I am always in search of songs recorded by Doris Day that I don’t have. Her songs are played on our television cable music channel and while play the song will give a little info on Doris and it tells that she has recorded over 1000 songs and I only have 527. I love Doris Day’s music and movies, especially the musicals then I get the best of both! Doris if you do read these comments, I would like you to know that I am a big fan, a visit to the Cypress in got me hooked on collecting Lobby Cards and I have at least one from 23 of your movies, so 16 to go! Your movies and music has filled many hours and gotten me through some rough times. Hope you release the movies I need to complete my collection on DVD in the US so they are easy to obtain. Thank you so much for the movies you made and for the voice you have to sing so beautiful!

  14. admin says:


  15. Connie Olson says:


    For years I have loved all of your work. You inspired me to do a tribute to you. In 2004, I recorded an album “Daydreaming” A Tribute to Doris Day” which I sent to you (your hotel) and the Stephen (the webmaster of this site). Stephen has been very gracious and posted my shows dedicated to you on his website. Whenever I sing your songs I get such a positive response. People will tell me how just mentioning your name brings a smile to their face.

    I love that you have recorded an album with Bruce Johnston. What a talented and special guy. I can’t wait to hear it!

    My Best,
    Connie Olson

  16. Sarah Swart says:

    Dear Doris,
    I grew up on your music! My dad still played it on his keyboard and sang your songs from memory! He played them in two nursing homes as well. He died last year, so now I listen to your music all the time to keep his memory alive! Bless you and your music!!

  17. lorraine says:

    i love everything she did, great singer ,great dancer ,great actress. have just about all of her work in my collection, my favorite song is “i’ll never stop loving you” and favorite movie “young at heart ” with frank sinatra,cry everytime i view it.

  18. Wayne Brasler says:

    At last! This proves dreams do come true, as the world has been waiting for this music ever since it was recorded. Within the music business they are legendary. We shall also soon know why!

  19. Keih Fowkes says:

    At last! Been waiting to hear these songs for years. Just ordered the CD from Amazon. Doris’s voice got better and better over the years – so mellow!
    Keith Fowkes UK

  20. Sean Baker says:

    I was so excited to hear this! I had the pleasure to be the guy who created the jingle you hear on this site when you log in. I am thrilled that the unreleased songs are going to be released at last! “My Heart” is truly a beautiful song. It has a contemporary feel to it, yet retains classic Doris Day melodic phrasing, warmth, and intimacy. “Heaven Tonight” will surely make the charts in the UK! I’m curious to hear the new music tracks under them. I will surely do my part to support the effort and preorder mine. I hope you all do the same.

    …And yes I’d love to start a Facebook campaign to get Doris (with James Garner?) on SNL and recreate some classic situational comedy and at the same time promote her new CD release! Tell me how to start it. Stephen, you wanna get this going?

  21. I have preordered the cd. and cant wait to receive it, I have been a fan for the last sixty years and have got lots of pleasure from her films and discs. God bless her for her work with animals and may she be around for a lot more years yet.

  22. william gould says:

    Doris the best here,s to a new career

  23. Trevor Holmes says:

    What wonderful news some new tracks from this wonderful lady of song,have followed her career since the late 1940s and will continue to for many more to come luv you doris keep up the good work you do. The only star i would love to meet

  24. Stan says:


    Your son, Terry, and I were friends for over 30 years. I met you in the studio on a couple of occasions in the 70’s. I spoke with him for some time a week or so before he died. I played on all his recordings for Equinox. We wrote songs together and I miss him deeply. There isn’t a day that goes by without my thinking of him. My brother, Bill, worked on your television show. I hope your CD is a great success. Terry was a great guy and did a lot of good for myself and many others.

  25. Bob & Linda Hamilton says:

    What more can possibly be said about Doris? That perfect voice still thrills us all. I never fail to be amazed that some of her greatest hits were recorded as “single takes” where other, lesser, artists would spend weeks in the studio. Her films have a timeless charm and are forever being discovered by new generations. No matter how many times I watch those old comedies, I still delight in the moment when Doris finds that she’s been duped. Absolutely no one else can say “Ooooooh!” quite like her. Her love and support for animals should be an inspiration for us all. On behalf of all your British fans, I should like to say thank you for all the pleasure you have given us.

  26. donna says:

    I viewed a snip it of your extract from the BBC pages-you’ve got me curious for your memoirs/your new album- congrats
    you’ve outdone perry Como cliff Richard- you would possibly make it in the Guinness bk of records the oldest singer to hit the UK charts
    out of your darkest days came enlightenment
    can’t keep America’s sweetheart out of the limelight for 2 long-
    k sera sera my mothers
    finger print word-you’ve left your mark on her as you do with the rest of us- we are under your spell – as they youngsters say your cool awesome- miss day keep on keeping on…….

  27. Michelle says:

    Ms. Day was “fully involved” with the release of this new album. I am happy she has allowed its release. I am disappointed she completely left out the USA, her own nation and huge land of fans. I grew up on Doris Day, she was my childhood favorite. Doris Day movie? Forget playing Barbies or going outside. There was a Doris Day movie on. When she sang My Heart sang along. I am saddened by her complete lack of interest or compassion for those of us here in USA. I guess I won’t be one of the millions buying or downloading as it is not available here. Now, knowing the kind of person I am.. if anyone ever makes it available here, I’ll just listen to someone else instead.

  28. GINNY WELLS says:

    Dear Doris – you have always been my idol- I have all your movies and series from TV. No one can even compare to you. I just received the new CD My Heart for Christmas – I was going to order it for myself but I got if from my daughter Rachel in Washington state – she loves it also – please make some more – I love the way the sound and your voice is still as true as it was when you made your first song years ago. I give to your Animal league – keep up that great work and let your fans see you once again -I wish you would come back on TV as a person your own age – I am sick of watching women tuck up plump up and draw up their faces – Age is a thing of beauty – I am 74 my self and have a group of seniors who really can get down and around – we all love you and wish you would return to us in a series – Thanks for the CD it made my Christmas – Ginny W. from Paducah kentucky

  29. GINNY WELLS says:

    I just commented on how great the CD was My Heart – I want to say the song your son sang – Happy endings was so heart felt that I had tears in my eyes I don’t know how to vote for the CD ratings but I give it a five star rating and a big 10 being the best – Ginny W. from Paducah kentucky

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