Barbie does Day: Read our review of Mattel’s “Pillow Talk” doll set (plus details of our Lucky Draw to win a set!)

July 9, 2011 5 Comments

Barbie pays tribute to her idol Doris Day! (Exclusive Photographs by Pierre Patrick)

A few days ago, the postman came a knocking on our door with one of Mattel’s new “Pillow Talk” doll gift sets [also now found on Toy store shelves up and down the USA]

The “Pillow Talk” gift set forms part of a new series of ‘Ken & Barbie’ dolls in Mattel’s prestigious ‘Barbie Collector’ range. These were released to celebrate the couple’s 50th anniversary together and finds the King and Queen of the toy world paying tribute to other iconic couples of the music, TV and film world. It is no real surprise therefore that Mattel executives opted to include one of Hollywood’s most iconic on-screen couples, Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

From the moment we got the set out of its mailing carton we were impressed. This is definitely a quality product in both presentation and design terms with Ken and Barbie looking truly suave and sophisticated in their “Pillow Talk” inspired evening wear. The set isn’t meant to be DD and RH in miniature form but Ken and Barbie styled in the vein of their on-screen idols. Mattel’s team of doll makers achieves this objective with absolute class and flair proving they paid careful attention to the original 1959 movie!

The set would definitely make a lovely gift for any doll collector or indeed will become a treasured possession in any DD fans collection. It is fair to say that we are as pleased with the dolls as we understand Ms. Day to be. America’s biggest toy manufacturer clearly worked hard here to capture the true essence of Hudson and Day’s finest and best loved on-screen characters. So adorably charming is this set that we now feel the need to revisit the trio of movies which Hudson and Day made together! [Hooray!!]

We have set up a dedicated page now for the set which provides our VIDEO REVIEW as well as links to buy it in and outside of the USA. Just click here to go take a look!



Updated 8 August 2011 ———————–

Thanks to the very kind people at Mattel we have one of their new Barbie Collector “Pillow Talk” doll gift sets to give away. The competition is open to fans in the US or UK!

How many movies did Doris Day make with Rock Hudson?
ANSWER: THREE  (Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back & Send Me No Flowers)


The closing date to enter this prize draw is the 8 August 2011. Prize will be sent to the randomly picked winner directly from Mattel. The competition is only open to one entrant per household

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5 Comments to “Barbie does Day: Read our review of Mattel’s “Pillow Talk” doll set (plus details of our Lucky Draw to win a set!)”
  1. ED says:

    Thanks for the write up on this set! I wanted to make a note that these dolls are actually Doris Day and Rock Hudson in doll form. The head molds were sculpted after the actors and you can tell by the great detail that they are indeed Doris and Rock. Barbie does do a line of “Barbie As”, like the Blonde Ambition Collection when they made Barbie look like Marilyn Monroe, Goldie Hawn and Heidi Klum. They were not specific head molds. So Rock and Doris are part of Mattels Celebrity Series like Grace Kelly, Farrah Fawcett, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn etc. that have been done over the years. Just figured I would point that out so collectors are aware that this set is indeed meant to be Doris Day and Rock Hudson and not Barbie as Doris and Ken as Rock.

  2. Tami Loving says:


  3. Tami Loving says:

    Awesome Doll Set

  4. Dawn Harrell says:

    I am 62 yrs old and have watched all of Doris Day movies,i would love a autograph picture of her,George Burns gave me one and i will never part with it.He was a great man also.Can we buy any of her old dresses?.I would love one to where out with my husband for his Birthday.Doris you are the best.

  5. I was the lucky winner of the “Pillow Book” gift set and I have to mention how lovely the dolls are. The packaging is gorgeous and the dolls are beautifully made. I love it!

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