Doris Day today, the star poses for an informal photograph at her home in Carmel, CA (USA)

August 24, 2011 68 Comments

This rather charming new photo of Doris Day with her cute doggie Duffy has just been approved by the star for use by her record label Sony Music and the world press.

Sony Music UK release “My Heart”  which is Doris Day’s 29th original album on 5 September 2011. The album will be available on CD and digital-download formats.

Label: Sony Music UK
UK Release Date: 5 September 2011
Order the CD from &
( also offer the CD on import)

  1. Hurry, It’s Lovely Up Here (Written by Alan Jay Lerner & Burton Lane) +
  2. Daydream (Written by John Sebastian) +
  3. Way I Dreamed It (Written by Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher) +
  4. Heaven Tonight (Written by Bruce Johnston) +
  5. My One & Only Love (Written by Robert Mellin & Guy Wood)
  6. My Heart  (Written by Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher) +
  7. You Are So Beautiful (Written by Billy Preston & Bruce Fisher) +
  8. Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries (Written by Ray Henderson & Les Brown)
  9. Disney Girls (Written by Bruce Johnston) +
  10. My Buddy (Written by Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn)
  11. Happy Endings (Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher) +
    [Sung by Terry with introduction by Doris Day]
  12. Ohio (Betty Comden, Adolph Green & Leonard Bernstein)

+ Previously Unreleased Song


68 Comments to “Doris Day today, the star poses for an informal photograph at her home in Carmel, CA (USA)”
  1. Pedro Mosconi says:

    Doris, you are beatiful.

    Pedro Mosconi – Brasil

  2. Pedro Mosconi says:

    Doris, you are the best.

  3. Pamela Mcfarlane says:

    Beautiful inside and out! I think Doris should do a calander of recent photo’s of herself and her doggies 😉 Would make lot’s of money for her animal foundation ! *hint, hint* lol. It was also great to hear Doris sounding so well on our local radio station.
    Don’t know if you get to read any of this Doris, but you were and still are the best xx

  4. Nancy says:

    Look at those gorgeous freckles! I’ve been a fan for more years than I care to reveal. So glad you’re ‘back’!

    Love you.

  5. Stephen says:

    Doris’ new calendar with photos chosen by her will be on sale via this site in the next week or so.

  6. Doris wonderfully smiles.The most beautiful smile in the world.I love this lady!

  7. smagisa says:

    I love you Doris Day .I love all your songs most specialy “When I fall In Love”-” .Oh great news your CD will be coming soon before my birthday Sept.8 very good hope will have that here in our country . Just hope to see you in personal & hug & kiss you.
    Thank you for sharing your latest picture with us.
    Numbers 6: 24 “May Jehovah bless you and keep you.
    25 May Jehovah make his face shine toward you, and may he favor you.
    26 May Jehovah lift up his face toward you and assign peace to you.”’

  8. Ian says:

    Doris – you are so beautiful to me!

  9. Carole says:

    Hi Doris, I have wanted to tell you for years that I just love you, and Have watched all of your movies for years and my very favorite movie is Pillow Talk and I have it. I watch it everytime it comes on tv. You look so good in your picture today. take care love you. :)))

  10. James says:

    Doris looks fabulous in that photo, really love it, she is an amazing lady!

  11. Carol Johnson says:

    What a wonderful picture…that looks like Duffy to me.

  12. Rachel Rinehimer says:

    Dearest Doris,

    How beautiful you are–and Duffy is just darling!!
    Thank you so much for this photo–you have just made my “Day”! 🙂
    I am eagerly awaiting my copy of “My Heart”, which I pre-ordered several weeks ago!

    May God Bless You, Dear Doris!!

    Rachel Rinehimer
    Allentown, PA

  13. Dorothy Hampton says:

    Doris, You are my #1 singer/actress/dancer. What an excellent role model you have been for so many people. I don’t believe that you did anything that was not A-1. I don’t know how it happened but I had never seen “Broadway Melody” until two weeks ago. I have since watched it at least 10 times. I cried each time. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of each movie in such a way we can laugh, cry or dream. I am so looking forward to your new release. I love all of your songs. You put your heart and soul into each one. Hope you make a million or more on your new release. You deserve only the best because that is what you have always given each one of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love, Blessings, Happiness and Good Health.

  14. Roberta Manzitto-Collings says:

    Rock on, Doris Day! You are so special to me… loved your work since I was four years old. I have already ordered 2 cd’s and can’t wait to hear those songs remastered! Above that,however, I want to thank you for devoting you life to the animals. I love you, love you, love you.

  15. Jeannette says:

    Looking forward to purchasing the new CD. Have always been a fan of Doris Day. A true Hollywood Star. Best wishes to a lovely lady.

  16. MV Byrne says:

    Hands down, the classiest star Hollywood has ever produced. I’ve loved her for as long as I can remember and always will. A great talent,and a great star, but more importantly, a truly great human being!

  17. Linda says:

    Doris, you look so beautiful and happy with little Duffy. Thank you so much for sharing this photo. I grew up watching your movies and loving your songs since I was 7 years old back in 1954. I loved listening to your interview on your birthday. I’m happy to know how much you realize just how many people absolutely LOVE you! I loved all your movies and really enjoyed Move Over Darling. You’ve made me smile so much just watching your movies and my life happier because of them. Your voice has also been so amazing! I still have 78 rpm’s of “Mr Tap Toe”, “A Woman’s Touch”, “If That Doesn’t Do It”, “A Full Time Job”, “Let it Ring”, and more. Remember those?! That proves just how long I’ve been a fan of yours. You have been the best movie star EVER, in my opinion. You are the sweetest person and I smile just thinking of you. We all love you so much Doris! I wish you so much continued happiness and look forward to your new album.
    Love you,
    Linda in Colorado

  18. Linda says:

    P.S. I have a little white dog that looks almost like Duffy also. She’s a mixed poodle breed and I’ve loved dogs my whole life also. It’s wonderful all you’ve done to help our best friends. They give us all so much love. I hope you’ll be receiving many more donations. All my best, Linda

  19. cheryl Burgess says:

    Hello Doris, Wonderful to drop a line to you, I have always adored your singing and Movies, your
    utter charm and smile. In 2009 I entered GLAMOUR
    GIRL OF THE YEAR 2009/10 (UK) when I was 65 years old and came 2nd – what a shock. We were asked who was our inspiration and it had to be you – wonderful you!! The theme was iconic glamour.
    It is on the internet I chessa – North West.
    Great to see you so well and happy – always a STAR. Much happiness always Cheryl Burgess xxx

  20. Jennifer says:

    Hello Doris, I am enjoying watching all your Movies and TV Series episodes on DVD and iTunes here in Australia.

    Your brand of humor and graciousness is stunning. I love you more now then I did as a kid, that’s because you are more modern and cool in your shows than any star today. Thank you for being a great friend to everybody, including all animals, who are People too.


  21. Bob Hersey says:

    The love of my life. Doris your the best an your still beautiful

  22. Jack Ong says:

    Doris, you look wonderful!!!! I have a 78 rpm copy of PURPLE COW displayed in my home. (The back side is KAY MULETA, and I love those recordings!)

  23. Donna Hollingsworth Winklepleck says:

    It’s about time they honor you Doris. I love watching all of your movies. You have so much talent and your a special person with a big loving heart. We love you and miss seeing in the movies.

  24. Purplechris says:

    What a lovely picture. She doesnt seen to change. Fabulous lady.

  25. lorraine says:

    i too have so many of your workings,complete set of your tv shows ,sit coms,dvds.movies, my favorite movie (cry every time i view it) is YOUNG AT HEART”,fav song”I”LL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU” fitting too because thats how i feel about you.stay well for yourself your fans and your animals,

  26. Mary Ann says:

    Doris, you are as gorgeous as ever! What’s your secret to looking so young and staying so young? I’m in my 50’s and I can’t seem to be able to stay fit. Let the us know what is your secret!

  27. Lesa says:

    Oh Doris, I am so happy that you shared this lovely photo update! You still look beautiful as always. My husband and I have raised each of our children up on your music and your movies. Funny, right now we are watching “On Moonlight Bay” with our oldest daughter (27) and our two little ones (7) and (4). What better way for a child to grow up…wholesome. Our daughter who is 23 is missing out on our family movie night since she is in College.
    We all love you so and are so happy to see how well you are doing. Can’t wait to get my CD and my new Doris and Rock doll set.
    Love you!!!!

  28. Nancy McDonald says:

    Doris, I am so excited to read news about you. I knew you were an animal rights activist, but I didn’t know that you were still singing. I am real excited about your new CD. The picture of you and Duffy is gorgeous, you are still as charming as ever. Loved all your movies and singing. I am very passionate about animals and have a small hobby farm with my very own petting zoo. I am new to twitter, but now I can find out what you have been up to all these years. Thank you for being an animal lover. Take care.

  29. CARLOS says:

    Qué mujer bonita y admirable. Ella ocupa un lugar importante en mis afectos.

  30. Linda says:

    Movies today are just not like the ones you made. Those are still “the good ol’ days”. I’m happy to own some CD’s of your past movies. Your voice is so unique and special. Again, no one’s voice matches the quality and tone of yours – so heartwarming to listen to! When I was young, I couldn’t wait for another Doris Day movie to come out. You’ve made countless people so happy with your talents! I can’t tell you how much happiness you’ve brought us from your movies and songs. Thank you Doris! We all love you!!!
    Linda in Colorado

  31. Virginia says:

    Thank you Doris I have always loved your movies, thank you for your part in your roles of allowing women to show anger and retaliation. Women were not allowed to do that in those early years. Thank you for your beautiful music but most of all thank you for all you do for the helpless little dogs out there that you have saved over the years.

  32. Gordon Worrall says:

    Hi Doris. It was great to see your photograph with your little dog Duffy. You still look great and are as beautiful as ever. This afternoon in England I watched Calamity Jane on television and it was as enjoyable now as when first released. You are an incredible lady, and you can still make my heart skip a beat. love. gordon xx

  33. pat clements says:

    I have watched all the recent programmes on TV and they have brought back so many happy memories. I never missed your films. They were lovely days when girls wore pretty clothes and to me, ladies were ladies. It was not an offence to be pretty. I am delighted that you are so fond of animals as I have grown up to run my own voluntary animal rescue and would love to think you might have time to check it out on It mainly for old, sick and terminally ill animals though nothing gets turned away if at all possible to find room. Every success with the new record Doris. God bless. Pat and the animals x

  34. Brian in Chicago says:

    Dear Doris,
    I’ve been a proud member of the DDAL from the start, support all of it’s animal rights causes even by raising funds on several of my singing performances. Your incredible artistic talents are always an inspiration and joy in my life, but even more importantly your devotion and contribution to animals rights have instilled in me, a love & respect for you that no other could ever obtain. I Adore You…my Beautiful Friend!
    Always, Brian

  35. Patty Welz says:

    Doris, you are still as beautiful as you were when I rmemeber meeting you at my Grandfather’s house. I am your cousin Patty, who is Richard’s daughter. I would love to meet you in person again sometime. We grew up loving, you and singing your music still to this day. I am a singer myself and love “Secret Love”, I think this is my favorite of all! Love to hear from you, your cousin, Patty

  36. st forgione says:

    dear doris……truly an angel[for real!!]
    thank you for all your BEAUTIFUL music!
    thank you for your wonderful visits in my meditations. a true surprise. i hope our paths will cross some day and till then we will continue to enjoy your music and examples of living a great life of service.
    with great respect
    st forgione

  37. kathy says:

    A perfect day is watching one of your movies!!

    Do you know how much you are missed????????????

    I love you Doris Day!!!!

  38. Afternoon Doris says:

    If ever in Maine my wife and I would love to have you as a guest.

  39. Lisa Brodie says:

    I just got thru watching “The Thrill of it All” for probably the 100th time. Grew up wanting to be You in all your movies. Such talent & comedic timing! Now that I am 55 You continue to inspire me through Your music release and most of all DDAL. I enjoy receiving info from You about what each of us can do to help our animal friends.
    Thanks from Me & My Furry Children!

  40. kathy clark says:

    I’ll try this again. My last email did not go through. Thank you for your wonderful movies, Pillow Talk, Send me no flowers, That touch of mink to name a few. The list is long and you were wonderful in all of them. My heart is happy when I watch your movies, so unlike what we have today. Thank you for the memories and for your beautiful music.

    I’ve been a fan for many years. Now approaching sixty seven, I hold close your music and movies. We also share the same birthday, April 3rd.

    My very best to you always.

  41. Karen Johnston says:

    When asked “Who would you like to meet in this lifetime?” I have always responded with Doris Day and Carol Burnett…I still look forward to watching your movies any chance I get.. Love Ya Ms Day, take care…

  42. Nola says:

    am watching Lover Come Back. I am 64 and I can truly say you are the most wonderful actress in the world. you can be anyone from Lover Come Back, to Midnight Lace, to Julie. Ive watched them all and watched them many times. I am also an animal advocate and a member of the Exceller Fund and Humane Legislative Fund. I can say truthfully, with everyone else. I love you Doris. and you are still so beautiful. I dont have a favorite Doris movie, I simply love them all. If only some day I could meet my favorite person in the world….I am so proud of what kind of lady you are. you are loved around the world.
    Nola Ross

  43. Kris Finch says:

    Wish I’d have met you 70 years ago…… you were and still are gorgeous!

  44. george says:

    you should have ended up with Alex.. not Barney..
    “hold me in your arms”.. fantastic scene

  45. Cazzie says:

    Magic phots so great to be involved with animals.

  46. Michael Snyder says:

    Miss Day , I’ve loved your work all my ife ! I think you are one Great lady ! I’m watching your movies right now on TCM. I cuold sit here all day in front of the TV. You’ve always been the love of my life. I love what you stand for when it comes to animaals. I love my dogs like they are my children. I think they own the house they just let me live here. You look fantastic !! Love you Doris !! Have a wonderful day !!

  47. Teresa Hamilton says:

    Miss Day, Hope you have had a wonderful Birthday!! Love your movies and your songs!! May the Lord Bless you richly in all you do!! Thank the Lord for giving you such a lovely voice and sweet spirit!! You are a very special lady!! Happy Birthday Miss Day!! -Teresa

  48. Kim Z says:

    Hello Doris…You are amazing Doris and I want to thank you for your career, which has brought me such joy. I am now watching “Lover Come Back” with Rock Hudson as I am writing this. You made me laugh so many times. You are one of the greatest singers of all time. Besides that you are strikingly beautiful and you have a heart of gold taking in animals and caring about their rights.
    Thank you Doris for the memories.

  49. It’s midnight and what am I watching? “Move Over Darling”. It never gets old. From you comedies to your dramas, musicals, etc. you never disappoint. I know I will never get to meet you, but I feel I know you just from the years of watching and reading all about you.Do you have any idea the impact you have had on those of us who live very mundane and tedious existences? We find comfort in living vicariously through your life. You have given us much.
    THANK YOU :<)

  50. Carolyn Stephens says:

    I, again, watched you and Rock Hudson last evening and actually laughed. I have seen this and probably most of your films over the years at the theater or on television and always enjoyed them. I hope your birthday was enjoyable and thank you for being such a dependable and beautiful entertainer.

  51. Charter Smith says:

    Dear Doris – from the first time hearing you on the radio and then seeing you on TV – what a heart thief – stole every guys heart of that time and you continue to do just that. Just watched you on PBS “I’ll see you in my dreams” It is Good Friday today – Easter – the greatest love story ever told and in return for the love and happiness you have blessed the lives of so many – on this day I hold you up to this one called “Jesus” and pray that He is on the throne of your heart – that you know the greatest greatest love of all – when the time comes for you to go – again you will lift up your voice with angles to Him who died for you and me.

  52. william else says:

    Dear Doris – On Friday evening my wife and I were looking for something to watch on television. I asked Elizabeth if she liked old movies as she is much younger than I. She said I don’t think so. I then replied, on Turner Classic Movies there is a movie with James Cagney and Doris Day. Love Me Nad Leave Me. Watched the movie and she was hooked. What wonderful acting and singing. We were both so impressed with the 10 cents a dance song and outfit.

    After that we watched Young Man With a Horn. What a movie.

    I just wanted you to know that I have seen these movies years ago. Now sharing them with my wife they even mean more to me to-day.

    These movies are terrific after all these years.

    Thank you for making them.

    Kindest Regards

    William and Elizabrth Else

    Ennismore, Ontario, Canada

  53. Gina (Mace) June says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to a truly beautiful lady! You have and always will be my greatest movie/music legend. When I was little I adored you, as a young mother I sang your songs to my babies and as a grandma I still sing them… (bushel & a peck) …to calm the babies…and you are still so amazingly beautiful. You are a gift and I am so thankful that you shared it with the world. 🙂

  54. mike lockhart says:

    if this is a photo of Doris, why does it show brown eyes? Doris has gray eyes!

  55. Gary Boles says:

    Hey Doris,

    I still enjoy your music and movies. Been a fan for many years.

    Keep in touch.

    Gary Boles

  56. Dorothy says:

    Hi Ms. Day:

    You are one of my ever favorite Movie & TV personalities. Thank you for putting so much pleasure in my life, and many others around the world.
    Thank you too for your work with animals.

  57. Kelly Dieter says:

    I ran across Pillow Talk playing on a premium channel today and, before I knew it, the last hour had passed though I hadn’t planned to sit that long. It prompted me to poke around the internet to see what the lovely lady was up to these days and am delighted and amazed she is enjoying such a long life! Upon finding this site and comment opportunity, I just had to express the emotional effect it had on me. Even though I have reached five decades myself, I was surprised at how touched I was all over again by watching these wonderful people onscreen and reliving the tenderness that Ms. Day could convey in her voice that brought me to tears. Especially the scene where Hudson’s character feigns innocence at luring her to his apartment and her reaction when she believes she had misjudged him. A strange mixture of remembering the girl I once was, coupled with feeling the romance and innocence of that era of film-making that no longer exists, touched me deeply and made me wish I could have met this special woman. Years later, with her unwavering support of her friend Rock through a dark time before his death and her work for the betterment of the treatment of animals, along with the strength needed to survive the death of her son, Doris Day is an icon both in and out of Hollywood. Thank you for making me remember!

  58. Barbara says:

    Love you, Love you, Love you. You are absolutely wonderful and your music is indescribable and your movies were to die for. May God bless you always.

  59. Bill Richards says:

    I really enjoyed your films – much more than the over-choreographed TV shows. I always thought the stereotypical sugary parts hid a truly amazing acting talent. How I wish you had got involved in more dramatic acting roles – you were able to portray such a range and depth of feeling. And now, my grandchildren love you just as much, and I know why – because you are and have always been lovely. Just wish you had taken time to spoil us Englishmen a bit more. With love.

  60. Kim says:

    I am a 57 years old female and one of your biggest fans. Your movies have always been very uplifting to me.
    You are still beautiful today.
    God Bless you always.

  61. Cheryl Kuchar says:

    Hi Doris. Are you really reading †his email ? I just spent my entire Sunday watching your movies. They were on the Turner Classic Movies Channel in April, your birhday month, Happy belated Birthday, and I had recorded them to my DVR. Never thought I’d spend the whole after noon and evening watching them. Started with Lullaby of Broadway and ended with The Glass Bottom Boat. Luved Valdomir. But I am addicted and I want to see even more, I watched around 6 films in a row. I never knew you were a dancer too. Loved them all. Love me or Leave me was so Good. Your singing was superb and now I will buy your MY Heart CD. I used to live in CA and I’ve been to Carmel. Little did I know at the time you were there too. I wish I had stayed at the Cypress Inn. Well thanks for the movies and I wish lots of joy and hppiness to come your way this year. You are truly one of the best of the best. Thanks for the entertainment. i wish you were my friend. Sincerely Cheryl Kuchar

  62. Debbie says:

    My 90 year old mother and I have been Doris Day fans our entire lives. Although we don’t live far from her animal rehabilitation ranch, we have always wondered where it is located. My mother has also been an animal lover to mostly dogs but has worked tirelessly caring for injured or abandoned animals. From baby birds, to opossums, raccoons, dogs, cats, lizards… Even now, she continues to feed five stray cats who visit each day for their morning and evening meals. I’ve always wished my mother and I could visit Miss Day’s ranch and someday start a rehabilitation ranch as well. For now, I continue to watch my favorite actress on DVD’s and savor all the special memories growing up with a mother who’s heart is as big as Miss Day’s helping our special animal friends.

  63. Cher Haile says:

    Happy belated birthday to my lifelong favorite star, activist, and humanitarian. I miss seeing you, but I understand your need for solitude. I am a lot like that myself, though in my active life I am a writer (C.C. HAILE) and that drags me out of my safe place and into public fairly often. I cannot imagine the pain of losing your son. That must have seemed nearly impossible to overcome. I lost what was left of my family, except for my children and grandchildren, following Katrina, so I do know how hard it is to suddenly feel so alone in our later years, and to seek the unconditional love of animals. I truly admire you, and wish you only good things in the coming years! Best regards, Cher Haile

  64. Huleeta Smith says:

    I hope you get to read these posts to know that we all still think so much of you and the contribution you made to our lives……both when you were active on the screen and on records and even now with reruns, DVD’s and CD’s. And, your work with animals is to be admired by us all. I have done rescue work as well and know how rewarding it is……they don’t judge us, they just are grateful. May God richly bless you now and in the days to come. Huleeta

  65. Marsha says:

    I am thrilled to see another picture of you, and to see you looking well. As a child growing up in rural northwest Florida, I was not well, and spent a lot of time with my grandmother, who loved to watch your shows and movies. I also loved to watch you, and was often-times blessed by your beautiful voice, and that big smile. More recently, I have been collecting all of your movies that I can find. I am currently visiting my in-laws in Boulder Creek, CA, and thought it would be wonderful to drop in and see you. I know you are very busy, and I understand and respect your desire for privacy. We will be traveling through your area around 5 July 2012, and would love to have to chance to speak with you for just a few moments. If this is a possibility, please reply to my e-mail address. May God bless you and keep you. Love always, Marsha

  66. Carol Hay says:

    Hi Doris

    I recently had lunch at The Cypress Inn. I was delightful but disappointing not to see you. You have bee my idol all my life. My bedroom was wallpapered with posters of you and Gordon MacRae. I will be 75 inDecember and still hope to meet you one day. I live in San Jose. I am on my 4 th rescue Maltese named Lucy. She is my life and goes where ever I go. She enjoyed the Cypress Inn too. The service and friendliness were marvelous.


    Carol and Lucy

  67. Barbara Reed says:

    Dear Doris,
    Thank you so much for the joy you bring into my home. I am 65 and I grew up on your songs and movies. I have a daughter who has downs syndrome. Her favorite movies are yours. I get to enjoy them all over again through watching them with her. Her absolute favorite is pillow talk, she has many others. She watches them so much she does movie lines. She loves to say I give you gooood Swedish massage, it’s all in the fingers. Their are no words to describe how I feel when she laughs out loud at the funny stunts in your films. You still bring light into hearts and homes today. Keep smiling and taking care of animals.
    May God bless you, and shine His face upon you.

  68. Bev says:

    Wow You’re still beautiful. Such talent!!! I have a rescue dog, somewhat like your Duffy. I call mine Muffy, real name Carmella. Just adorable and best companion ever. Bev

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