Q&A with London’s Metro Imaging who restored photos for the 2012 Doris Day Calendar

November 15, 2011 1 Comment

We did a Q&A with Metro Imaging – these are are the folks we used to restore many of the vintage Doris Day negatives/transparencies used in the 2012 Doris Day calendar.

Below is an example of their work comparing a photograph we had scanned for our 2011 calendar with their stunning re-scan and all-new restoration work. What a difference hey!

What is your end goal when cleaning up vintage movie transparencies and negatives?
Here at Metro Imaging, we provide finished images that retain all the subtle values of the original work and at the same time reinvigorate the vintage work back to their original physical condition. This is often a delicate and subjective task undertaken so as not to make the images too clinical and ‘cleaned up’.

Why is it better to use your drum scan technique opposed to a everyday flatbed scanning equipment?
Drum scanning images such as this will provide a superior working platform for any retoucher and printer to work from. The originals are so well executed that drum scanning picked up all the relevant values.

What are the core values that Metro Imaging follow?
We pride ourselves in the care and attention applied to all work whether vintage or contemporary. With such high internal regulation and standards we are the company of choice when handling fragile material, with longstanding relationships with numerous archives and institutes as well as rare private estates. Staff are well versed in the safe handling and production of fragile material and each individual is empowered to take responsibility for their work and to deal directly with clients.

We saw some of your stunning restorations work on a series of beautiful photographs of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. What type of people use your services?
We work with many of the most prestigious individuals, photographers and galleries on a global scale – but more importantly it doesn’t matter who we deal with or at what level they are working, whether Royal patronage or supporting and mentoring students, we treat everyone with care, attention and respect.

For more information about Metro Imaging, visit www.metroimaging.co.uk

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One Comments to “Q&A with London’s Metro Imaging who restored photos for the 2012 Doris Day Calendar”
  1. Joseph Litsch says:

    Doris Day has been my favorite subce I saw her in “Calamity Jane” when I was 5. That was 1953. I first knew her through movies, but I have since come to realize that Doris is a singer and one of the best. I know she recorded a ton of songs but I wish she had done more. I can’t get enough. I think I have every recording she ever made and every movie she was in. I also have five copies of her autobiography. Her movies, her story, but mosdg of all her music have gotten me through some of the toughests times of my life. She’s part of my life and I love Doris Day…or Clara Bixby…or Eunice or whoever has that voice and that smile. And Christmas is not officially here until I hear Doris’s recording of “Silver Bells.”

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