Update on the American Publicity taking place for Doris Day’s new album ‘My Heart’

December 1, 2011 9 Comments

Doris Day’s new album ‘My Heart‘ is just days away from being released across the USA. The good news is that the American press has been very supportive of the project giving it plenty of mentions. Below are some links to recent shows and articles talking about Ms. Day’s comeback album. This list will be updated with further links in the next few days.

Also please note that ABC’sGood Morning America pushed their interview with Ms. Day to Friday due to Breaking News.


Scott Simon talks to Doris Day – NPR Music: 26 November 2011
Reuters: 27 November 2011
Fox News: 27 November 2011
TheStarPress.com: 28 November 2011
ABC’s The View: 29 November 2011 (Go to around 16.30  into the video)
Kathie Lee & Hoda – The Today Show: 29 November 2011 (Go to around 9.30 into the video)
ABC News talks to Doris Day: 2 December 2011

USA Edition – Order from amazon.com
European Release – Order from amazon.co.ukamazon.de

  1. Hurry, It’s Lovely Up Here (Written by Alan Jay Lerner & Burton Lane) +
  2. Daydream (Written by John Sebastian) +
  3. Way I Dreamed It (Written by Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher) +
  4. Heaven Tonight (Written by Bruce Johnston) +
  5. My One & Only Love (Written by Robert Mellin & Guy Wood)
  6. My Heart (Written by Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher) +
  7. You Are So Beautiful (Written by Billy Preston & Bruce Fisher) +
  8. Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries (Written by Ray Henderson & Les Brown)
  9. Disney Girls (Written by Bruce Johnston) +
  10. Stewball (Traditional Folk Song) + [BONUS TRACK on the USA EDITION]
    [Duet: Doris Day with Terry Melcher]
  11. My Buddy (Written by Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn)
  12. Happy Endings (Bruce Johnston & Terry Melcher) +
    [Sung by Terry with introduction by Doris Day]
  13. Ohio (Betty Comden, Adolph Green & Leonard Bernstein)

+ Previously Unreleased Song

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9 Comments to “Update on the American Publicity taking place for Doris Day’s new album ‘My Heart’”
  1. Danny Proctor says:

    Fantastic coverage so far! I’m so happy that this album is getting the promotion it deserves. Despite all our wishes for Honorary Oscars, American Film Institute tributes, and Kennedy Center Honors for Miss Doris Day, all she wants is to raise money for her beloved animals. Like most legends, she is unassuming and unaware of just how great a gift she has been to this world. God bless you, Miss Day. Thanks for the publicity updates 🙂

  2. Craig Marquis says:

    Seen the Good Morning America show and the morning crew LOVED Doris! An excited Tracy got to talk to Doris on the phone, and I was SO glad that Robin Roberts was the one that got to interview Doris. Robin has a nice voice herself! It must have worked, because Doris’ album My Heart, on Amazon USA went from #29 to #4 and is #1 on all 3 categories under Contemporary, Jazz, and Easy Listening and #2 in Movers and Shakers!

  3. Jan Scherer says:

    My brother just called me with the update about Miss Day’s new album “My Heart”. I’ve been a fan for over fifty years. What a positive and uplifting person! I look forward to hearing this new release, it’s on my Christmas wish list!

  4. Laurens Windig says:

    Dear friends,

    Congratulations with the release of the latest album of Doris and her own Heart!
    She was already weeks ago by me at home; she glided through the letterbox with
    all her music and songs:)

    Love to all of you,

    Laurens from Amsterdam, the Nethelands

  5. Nancy Cunningham says:

    Miss Day, congratulations on your new album “My Heart”, it is wonderful. Your fans around the world are so happy to hear from you. Please, Miss Day, don’t stop with just a new album, we want to see you and pay tribute to you for all you have done for the world and your foundation. You have always been a positive uplifting force and deserve to be honored. Where is the news media (Barbra Walters) or someone to do a “spotlight” on her. Please Miss Day, come out of Carmel and allow yourself to be recognized as you should be.

  6. Connie Bohannon says:

    Dear Doris, I have loved you since I was in grade school. I wanted to be just like you. Unfortunately I wasn’t good enough, but still dreamed of it. I have seen all your movies, still have the first albums you put out with one song on each side. Two years ago my daughter took me to San Francisco and we made the tour down the coast. I lived in Long Beach for 15 years and raised my 5 children there.
    Now I am in Gainesville, Florida, 76 years old, living in a retirement community. I would love to be able to correspond with you. I just don’t know how to get through to you.
    Love you always. You are my idol.

  7. Deirdre Kushner says:

    I have never written a fan mail letter in my life – and I am doing it now and will follow it with a hard copy – to Miss Doris Day – who has made my life just one sunny Day —–
    I have your new album and when you spoke on it – I took it directly from you to me – how sweet is that – you are lovely. Terry’s voice is beautiful –
    Deirdre Barr Kushner
    I am putting Barr in here – because I was 6 when I started being a fan.

  8. I love to watch all your old movies. I love to listen to you sing. I watch your sitcom show every morning before work.I have all five seasons. I also have all your movies.I just love to listen and here good old fashioned loving things. There is to much violence and evil in this world.This takes me away into the good old times.Thanks for being who you are.

  9. Linda Dilbeck says:

    Miss Day, I have been your fan my entire life. 70 years. You have displayed profesionalism and integrity thoughout your career. I admire that tremendously. You have maintained your privacy as it should be. Thank you for bringing us your beautiful voice once again. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

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