Second Sight’s REGION 2 DVD re-issue of Doris Day’s 1960s comedy spy thriller ‘Caprice’

March 12, 2012 2 Comments

Doris Day’s ‘Caprice’ is available now for the first time in the UK on DVD courtesy of independent distributor Second Sight Films (which last year released a Region 2 DVD of ‘Move Over, Darling‘). Second Sight have built a reputation for re-issuing celebrated classics and cult cinema from around the world. We are therefore really pleased they are shining the spotlight on some Doris Day classics which were “hard to find” outside of the USA.

Second Sight’s DVD re-issue of ‘Caprice’ offers a pretty picture disc containing a “quality” digital transfer of the film – similar to/if not of the same standard as the American release from a few years ago. The only criticism we have about the ‘Region 2’ release is it does not contain any bonus features. Putting that minor gripe aside we still wholeheartedly recommend this DVD as you are getting a fast-paced comedy full of laughs and surprises. Actually we adore ‘Caprice’ not only for Doris Day’s catchy theme tune, her divine Sixties Mod fashions but also for being the most entertaining¬† motion picture from the closing part of her 20-year film career.

Label: Second Sight Films, UK
Item Number: 2NDVD3224
General Release Date: 5 March 2012
Order the DVD from

– Format: Region 2
– Ratio: 2.35:1 (Anamorphic Widescreen)
– Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
– Colour: PAL
– Language: English

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2 Comments to “Second Sight’s REGION 2 DVD re-issue of Doris Day’s 1960s comedy spy thriller ‘Caprice’”
  1. Robert Klickovich says:

    Doris i have loved you all my life,what a voice and loved all your movies and songs.HAPPY BIRTHDAY. iT’S ALSO MINE.iT GOES WITHOUT SAYING I KNOW WE ALL MISS YOU TERRIBLE.

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