Happy Birthday Doris Day! Listen to her new audio message which she has recorded for SAMPod4U.com

April 3, 2012 21 Comments

It is Doris Day’s 88th birthday today and the Hollywood star has as usual recorded a special audio message to all her fans around the world which can be played now on SAMPod4U.com.

We wish Doris a lovely day today and encourage you to go have a listen to her message which can be found on the page linked below. Thanks to Mike and Carol for making this possible!


Don’t forget Sony Music release today ‘With A Smile & A Song’ – a fabulous new 2CD set which is an exclusive release to the USA!

Released: 3 April 2012
Label: Sony Music Masterworks, USA
Pre-Order from amazon.co.uk & amazon.com

CD 1 – “Songs from Movies”

  1. Til We Meet Again
  2. On Moonlight Bay
  3. It Had To Be You
  4. I’ll See You in My Dreams
  5. It’s Magic
  6. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
  7. Secret Love
  8. I Speak to the Stars
  9. Love Me or Leave Me
  10. At Sundown
  11. Shaking the Blues Away
  12. Whatever Will Be Will Be
  13. Pillow Talk
  14. My Romance
  15. Little Girl Blue

CD 2 – “Recording Sessions”

  1. Easy to Love
  2. Imagination
  3. You Go To My Head
  4. Don’t Take Your Love From Me
  5. But Beautiful
  6. The Song is You
  7. Our Love is Here to Stay
  8. Oh, But I Do
  9. Here We Go Again
  10. Fools Rush In
  11. In Love In Vain
  12. With a Smile and A Song
  13. Desafinado
  14. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
  15. There They Are

Please note that the track listing was correct at the time of writing the article but is possibly subject to change.


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21 Comments to “Happy Birthday Doris Day! Listen to her new audio message which she has recorded for SAMPod4U.com”
  1. Dawn Harrell says:

    Happy Birthday to the most amazing women,who made us smile with her movies and music.You the best.Dawnmarie

  2. meryl heasman says:

    Happy Birthday to my favourite singer of all time!

  3. Mamie Head says:

    Doris. Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed your movies and songs for so many years. I have grown up watching and listening to your movies and songs. Thank you for sharing! God Bless You! Mamie

  4. Vicki Dunagan says:

    Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman. I grew up watching you. Everytime a movie comes on TV I make sure I watch it. I must have seen every movie made 50+ times. I recall when I was a child ( I laugh at it now) My mother made me go to bed and wouldn’t allow me to watch the movie Strange Bedfellows. She thought it was not something I should watch lol. I still watch it with loving memories of my mother. God Bless you Doris in all that youve done in your life. I’ve always wished somehow, someway there would have been a way I could have met you if even for just 5 mins. Have a Blessed Day.

  5. Robert says:

    Doris was the best and I was and am still in love with her in her movies. WOW

  6. Craig Rhyne says:

    Link doesn’t seem to work – I get a “Page Not Found” message. 🙁

  7. Linda Tuck says:

    Happy Birthday to Doris Day. My favorite singer & actress of all time.

  8. Doris Bittick says:

    Happy birthday … You have always been one of my favorites!

  9. Mehrzad Zamonpour says:

    My dearest MsDoris Day Happy birthday may you have as much happiness as you brought to my life.I love your voice which soothe me and I am just watching your wonderful movies on TCM, which make me feel happy and relaxed. you are also a fashion Icon. love you very much and wish you health and happiness

  10. cathy says:

    Happiest Birthday Ms. Doris… make a BIG wish!!! When I was a young girl I always wished you were my mother…

  11. Happy Birthday
    I’m watching your movies on TCM all week and loving it.
    Thanks for all your hard work..It has blessed me for many, many years.

    Love you,
    Crystal Crisp
    Sparks, Maryland

  12. John Anderson says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORIS!!!!!! And many, many more ……
    Wishing you another year of great health and happiness! I have enjoyed your movies and songs for so many years. Whenever I am feeling sad I watch your movies and listen to the songs that you have recorded and I always feel better! You have brightend many a day for me Doris. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless You! Much love, John

  13. Carol Kappelhoff Gott says:

    Happy Birthday Doris!! My prayers and wishes to you for. Wonderful birthday and many more ahead. I am so proud to say that we share the same last name and have tried for years to contact you and see how we may be related. To meet you has always been a dream of mine and hopefully someday I will get the chance to do that if allowable. I think you are one of the most adorable women in the movie industry and love all your movies so very much and your albums as well, you have the voice of an angel. Thank-you for sharing all of that with us.
    Many blessings to you….love and hugs!!
    Carol Kappelhoff Gott
    P.S. please contact me through my email if there is a possibility for me to meet you or even talk to you some how…thank-you!

  14. Sharon Mefford says:

    Happy birthday from a fellow Cincinnatian! Your movies have brought me so much joy and to say you are one of the best singers ever is an understatement. Love you Doris!

  15. marilynn says:

    Happy Birthday ! Are you still going on tour to promote your CD

  16. MIKE DEVITA says:

    Just go directly to http://www.sampod4u.com and click on the HAPPY BIRTHDAY page. You can’t miss it.

  17. Joseph says:

    I have forever been in love with Doris Day and shall continue to be so until the day I die. Her voice is like angel, her smile so infectious and even as she ages, she is ever a beautiful woman who still is Young At Heart. A belated “Happy Birthday” wish Doris, and may you continue to have many, many more. Joe

  18. Alan D'Aurora says:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Day!!! I am a 4th grade teacher in Columbus, Ohio and when we have “indoor recess” I show my students one of your “Doris Day” shows. They LOVE them! We are on Season 3 now and the students want to write you a fan letter before school is out. We plan to do this in late April. Thank you for the wonderful movies, music, and your fine work helping animals in distress. 🙂

  19. Mike says:

    Happy Birthday from Germany, your´e my favourite Singer and Actor from the 60´ths. I love your movies and i love pets too.
    So have fun with your pets and friends,

    bye Mike

  20. FLORY MORA says:

    Happy belated birthday, my dear Doris. You are an incredible person, as you know. Thanks so much for taking care of our angels, the animals. I wish there were more people like you, as you make this world a better one. Love.

  21. Doris O Moore says:

    My dream has been to write you to say how you have been an inspiration to me– your joy filled voice and the love that shows through your face tells me it’s no wonder why doggies,people and all animals find you so warm and loving. I was born in 1928, and I finally understanding how to use this compter-so am thrilled to be able to correspond with you. I too love doggies.My bichone, Molly Cocoa is the dearest puppy I now have. (always have had a dog-or 2) I recently found your CD,”My Heart” and feel about my 3 sons the way you said you felt about your Terry. So enjoyed his “Happy Endings” and his voice. Did he attend Principia?I heard he did.My youngest son who works in Kenya and raised his 4 children in varies countries in Africa, has a daughter who will begin Prin this fall. My oldest son, a professor at a Hoffschula in Germany– is a pianist– My middle son, a photographer, lived in Ca. for 18 yrs(.but now lives near me–thank goodness./ I am so grateful they all are passionate and love their work and are caring and loving about not only me but all makind and animals.
    I know you are blessed because of all the good you do –Thankyou for allowing we who have always loved you to be able to be in touch. I do hope you receive this.,and many beautiful thoughts to you.

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