18 hours left to bid on eBay.com for a final 5 AUTOGRAPHED 2013 Doris Day calendar auctions

December 29, 2012 1 Comment

We are thrilled that our 2013 Doris Day wall calendars are helping to raise a big chunk of money for the Doris Day Animal Foundation. The larger size “Special Edition” calendars which Ms. Day autographed and offered  earlier this month at auction raised closed to $2000 U.S. whilst we have now donated a further $2000 U.S. from sales of the regular calendar [these can still be bought by clicking here].


Below is a message from Doris Day about a final 5 calendars she has decided to autograph and auction. You can bid for these until 7AM Pacific Standard Time on December 30th:

I can hardly believe it, but our recent release of autographed calendars really took off! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I have the best fans and friends in the world, and you always show your support whenever I let you know the babies need our help.

Well, since the response was so overwhelming — and since my special fans in Canada and the UK didn’t have access to the first set of auctions we put together — I’ve decided to sign five more calendars and auction them on eBay as well. These are the larger , 16.5″ x 11.7″ size calendars, just like before. Instead of keeping them for my own trunk of mementos, I’ve decided if we can raise a bit more money for the 4-leggers, well then that’s what we should do.

The auctions have already begun, so please visit eBay today and … let the bidding begin!


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One Comments to “18 hours left to bid on eBay.com for a final 5 AUTOGRAPHED 2013 Doris Day calendar auctions”
  1. Dawn Harrell says:

    Miss day just finished watching the movie On Moon light bay,cant get enough of it,You are a great actress,and wish i could meet you,that would be a honor to me,i am 63,and have always loved your movies.My husband served in the Military for 20 years,and is 100% disabled so we dont have much money,i know people will out bid me,but would love t donate for your cause,if i could at lease get a autograph Pic of you.I can donate a little every month,if that would help.I will tell you Miss day i figt so hard for disabled Veterans and get no whee but will not give up,just like you we have a cause we believe in.I will tell you a little about my story,we had to fight for 8 long years to get my husbands disability,it ruined our credit so we cant even use our va Loan for a home,that is all we have wanted a Home to turn a key on that is ours,but they don’t care,they make these poor men fight for what the had coming,my husband has a purple Heart,they still don’t care.I have a child i had late in life that we will care for with a learning disability,we have had doctors tell us it was from Agent Orange,but of course they say no,that is why it is Important to have our owe home,i will still fight,Your Movies gets me thew a lot,when i want to smile i watch your moves,Some day i ray we have the home we want,we have the money to pay,what we have like every one else we have to pay rent,but cant buy.It is so so sad the way they treat the men who keep us free.Thank You so much for being you,you are the best actress.I also remeber prenting you was my mom when younger,why,you were great and, any girl would want you as a Mother.Yes i am blonde like you also So happy to hear about your cause.Keep up the graet work,but if i can give a little each month and get your picture i will ,my Address is dawn Harrell 3627 Peninsula Circle Melbourne Fl,32940 -1114 P.S would love to say hello to a great women.321-610-8649

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