Doris Day’s 2013 Birthday – Record a Birthday voice message for Doris

March 21, 2013 22 Comments


The Hollywood movie and music icon celebrates her 89th birthday on April 3, 2013. We of course wish her a truly special day as we are sure her millions of fans do around the world.

As ever there will be an internet radio tribute to Doris Day. The organisers of this are the folks at (formerely known as They are offering fans a chance now to pay tribute to her by recording a special Birthday message. Their focus this year is on Doris Day’s amazing work with her animal foundations so the organisers have asked that everyone records a message that includes a mention of this very important topic.

To record a message call one of these phone numbers:
US 866-405-1904 (outside of the US +1 866 405 1904)

Messages will be posted on the website which will open next weekend and remain open throughout the month of April as a salute to the Magic of Doris Day.

A CD will also be made of all messages received and sent to Doris for her personal collection along with a special book they have made.



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22 Comments to “Doris Day’s 2013 Birthday – Record a Birthday voice message for Doris”
  1. Brian Pinette says:

    Nobody does it better. You are an international treasure and inspiration. A day does not go by where I do not play your music. You ARE beyond forever. Love to you always.

  2. Maureen says:

    What a fantastic women, singer, actress, she is the best, I just love her films, I have nearly all of them new except 2. Happy Birthday!xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you for all your doing for our four legged family members. I love you and all your work. You are the greatest. A very heart felt HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May God grant all your wishes. Love and God bless you.

  4. carmen van veen says:

    Dear Mrs Day,

    Happy birthday.
    I hope you have a nice day.

    A fan from Holland.

  5. Sandy Michael says:

    Happy Birthday Doris, you have always been my idol, watched all your movies, if you ever need a farm vacation in Ohio I would love to have you. Have a wonderful day and year ahead, Sandy

  6. Sandy Michael says:

    Happy Birthday Doris, Have a wonderful Day and Year ahead, You have always been my idol. Sandy

  7. Gren says:

    Not just a wonderful singer & actress, but also the most beautiful girl as well.
    We will never see your like again.
    Happy Birthday Doris
    Gren XXX

  8. Rosemarie Moore says:

    Happy Birthday You are an amazing actress
    I love your movies,and music
    from when i was a little girl you were my favorite actress.

    Best to you
    Love always

  9. Kelley Walker says:

    I always loved you and your movies. Your lovely spirit shone through in all the movies and tv shows that you did.

    It was a joy to watch your movies with Rock Hudson. Every time my husband hears the music for “Pillow Talk” he says “you’re not watching Doris Day again are you?”.

    God bless you on your 89th birthday.

  10. Pedro Mosconi says:

    Dear Doris

    Feliz aniversário e muita saúde e paz para vc.
    Sou seu fã incondicional


  11. Darlene Palsmeier says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady. I sure hope you have the best day ever. You are so wonderful. we are just lucky to have so an awesome person like you around.


  12. Lorrie says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Doris!
    I grew up with you back in the 1950’s thru the 1970’s, You have a magical voice that always made me relax! I would sing Que Sera Sera to my babies! And still do when I am perplexed with Life! Thank you for all your devoted work for the humanity of all animals, They were lucky to have you as their voice! When the phrase the “Cats Meow” was coined I think it was for you! Bless you sweet Lady!

  13. Kelli Rundle says:

    Happy Birthday to a very special lady that has given us soooo many wonderful memories! Have a truly wonderful birthday. Say hi to Nancy for me. xo

  14. Barbara Sully says:

    Happy Birthday Doris! Have always loved you since I was a kid. Hope you are well. Your foundation does so much good all of us animal lovers love you to pieces!!!

  15. Alita Arnold says:

    Happy Birthday Doris,

    You make my life a ‘Smile and a Song’. Always have…always will. Hugs for you and the pups. Stay well. Love you more.

  16. Stephan Geuns says:

    Dear miss Doris,

    3 big, big giant kisses to one of the greatest and sweetest lady’s who ever walked this earth.
    You’re my Chaplin, but in a woman kind of way, you’re my Sinatra, but in a woman kind of way.
    Combined you are the Doris who’s voice I fell in love with and who’s smile I’ll never ever forget.

    You are the woman who changed woman’s way of living and thinking in the western world and beyond, I guess.
    Without you there wouldn’t have been all them woman stars in media, film and music.
    You did all that by yourself, yes you did.
    Now your most loving fans are all them animal friends you made all those years ago and years to come.
    Have a lovely lovely april birthday today!
    Hello, but never farewell from a big big fan of that great american woman, Doris Day.

    Happy happy happy birthday Doris. X X X

    Your’s truely,
    mr Stephan Geuns (52 yo) from Belgium Europe;

  17. Stephan Geuns says:

    Love to all who love Doris Day in a way
    So I agree with all them fans in a way.
    mr Stephan Geuns (52 yo) from belgium

  18. lynn marshall says:

    Happy Birthday Doris, thanks for all the music and films and the great work you do for animals. Have a fabulous day. You are simply the best. x

  19. Nancy O'Haver says:

    Happy Birthday, Doris! I have loved you since I was a very young girl. I love all of your movies. My favorite movie is “The Thrill of It All”. I love to hear you sing, especially “Sentimental Journey” and “It’s Magic” from Romance on the High Seas. For your birthday, I wanted to give you something special and I figured the best gift I could give you is to donate some money to your Animal Foundation. On your birthday, I love you and honor you, my favorite actress of all time.

  20. mike devita says:

    Our Special Tribute Birthday Page will open on Easter Sunday (a great time to do it!), and will remain open throughout the month of April.
    After that, it can still be accessed in our Archive Pages. Enjoy.

  21. Pamela Boger says:

    Dear Doris,
    I am from the Cincinnati, Ohio area and a big fan of your movies, music and animal rights advocacy. The Navy sent me to San Francisco in 1980 and it wasn’t long before I discovered the beautiful Carmel by the Sea. Last year, in June 2012 I visited again with my three shih tzu “kids”. After a fun romp in the sand, the dogs drug me up the sidewalk towards our car. I glanced up and noticed a woman sitting in a car who was smiling at my feeble attempts to get all three to walk in the same direction! I smiled back. Then I did a double take… could that be Doris Day, smiling back at me? Well, it
    wouldhave certainly made my day to dream that it COULD have been you, and even now that makes me smile all over again!
    So now I would like to wish you a wonderful happy birthday, and a very pawsome day! God’s Blessings to you!

  22. jackie rau says:

    I’m the fan from Tawian,wish you ??????????That’s the Chinese means happy birthday and may all your wishes come true!

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