Hollywood movie and music icon Doris Day celebrates her 90th birthday today!

April 3, 2014 148 Comments


It’s April 3rd, 2014! Join us in wishing DORIS DAY a truly special 90th Birthday!

As fans will have read previously on our website there are a lot of fantastic events and new releases happening to commemorate this milestone in the Hollywood movie and music icon’s life from new CDs to even a boat cruise themed around her life and career.

Our ‘Best Picks’ of these celebrations have to be the new CD ‘Music, Movies & Music’ (more details) from Real Gone Music which contains lots of previously unreleased recordings plus Doris’ first ever coffee table book ‘Doris Day’s Best Friends’ (more details) devoted to Doris’ lifetime love of animals.

Other fun events include a Birthday Movie Marathon on the TCM network today, the ‘Sentimental Journey Weekend’ at Doris’ own Cypress Inn in Carmel and MeTV’s ‘Doris Day Day’ on the 6 April 2014 which Doris Day has recorded a voice-over for their promo ad – watch it here. Doris is also the cover star on the latest Collector’s Choice Music magazine (pictured below).




  • Midnight Lace (Region 1 DVD)
    Deluxe TCM Vault Collection issue of Doris’ 1960 thriller starring also Rex Harrison, John Gavin and Myrna Loy.
    (Released early 2014 by TCM/Warner)
  • Doris Day’s Best Friends (Book)
    A new coffee table book devoted to Doris’ lifetime love of animals. Hundreds of photos, with an introduction by Doris and foreword by Betty White.
    (Published April 2014)The Essential Doris Day (2CD)
    A stunning new 2CD set compiling Doris’ biggest selling hit recordings of the 1940s-1960s.
    (Released in March 2014 by Sony Legacy)
  • Doris Day Celebration Paper Doll (Book)
    A special authorised paper doll book, spotlighting not only Doris Day, the star, but also her passionate devotion to animals – sales benefit the Doris Day Animal Foundation.
    (Released in March 2014 by Paper Studio Press)
  • Doris Day Sings Her Great Movies Hits (CD)
    The 1966 compilation album will be given its first-ever CD release with additional songs.
    (Released in April 2014 by Real Gone Music/Sony Music)
  • Music, Movies & Memories (CD)
    A 90th birthday celebration CD with rare and previously unreleased songs from Doris.
    (Released in April 2014 by Real Gone Music/Sony Music)
  • 2015 Doris Day Calendar
    We are to publish our 8th calendar on this very special year.
    (Published October 2014 by DorisDayTribute.com)
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148 Comments to “Hollywood movie and music icon Doris Day celebrates her 90th birthday today!”
  1. Joan Bruno says:

    Happy Birthday, Doris! And may you have many happy and healthy more! I have been a fan for just about all of my life. Thank you for the happiness your music and movies have brought into our lives. Have a great day enjoying your 90th!

  2. Soledad says:

    Have the best years ahead. Congratulation on your b/day, and you were an awesome performer.

  3. JL says:

    Happy Birthday Doris! Thank you very much for all of the happy hours of listening to music and watching television and movies. You are truly a national treasure! <3

  4. roger yoder says:

    Dear DoDo, your love ballads say it all, may I give them all back to you. My Love and Devotion, always, Roger Yoder
    ps I was good friends with your buddy Joe Niagara.

  5. Paavo Kekkonen says:

    I wish very good and happy birthday to you Doris day. This wishing is little bit late, but I think
    it doest madder.
    I`M your very big fun. I listen your records very often,and watch your movies too by youtube.
    God bless to you and meny years still more.

  6. Gillian Carpenter says:

    What a wonderful inspiration you are Doris. A very very happy birthday on this special day and year . Your music and movies give me many joyous moments. Also (from Australia) my two beautiful dogs Jessie and Bonnie,both rescue dogs ,we send you our thanks for all you do for animal welfare.

  7. Alex/Beverly Glen says:

    OH Calamity,Doris, 90 and and still my Favorite Day.God Bless and have a wonderful time.

  8. Betsy Barnett says:

    Dearest Doris,
    Thinking of the day we met at Dr. Michael & Dr. Kevin Weir’s office.To sit with you, to look at you (in person)to realize it was a dream come true for me. As a teenager you were my escape from an abusive life. On this your Birthday, may God Bless you.
    Sincerely, With Love, Betsy

  9. Gladys Clark says:


  10. Beverley says:

    Happy 90th Birthday Doris hope you are well and have enjoyed your day you are amazing ! My Mum is was also called Doris and was born on 04/04/24 lots of love an hugs Beverley Ann Smith of Derbyshire England xxx

  11. Rodger Chaffin says:

    May your 90th birthday be filled with love. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe. Happy Birthday. If the tweet fails to go through I hope this finds you well.

  12. Sister Genevieve Gomez says:

    Happy Birthday Doris. Feliz Cumpleaños. I thank God for the many many years you have given people joy and hope through your singing and songs especially me. God has blessed us with your presence and even extended it to all of creation through your Doris Day Animal Foundation. May God continue to bless you today, tomorrow and always in all ways.

  13. Meg Sawicki says:

    Happy birthday dear Doris, happy birthday to you!!!

  14. Amanda Kay Tea says:

    Happy birthday Miss Day.
    You are, hands down, my favorite actress ever. I love all your movies and what you do for animals. God Bless and I hope you had a wonderful day.

  15. Pamela says:

    Bless you Doris in all you do, and a very Happy Birthday to you!

  16. Reba says:

    Happy 90th birthday Ms.Day.. I have been a fan of yours ever since seeing your movies on tv as a child and enjoying your tv series while growing up.. You are a great singer and actress… I admire all your work you have done to help all our four legged friends..
    Thank You, and Happy Birthday,

  17. Ness Bashara says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m BOB BASHARA’S little baby brother! I have to say, you now see him more often than I do! But my wife (Dawn) & I still wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday:-) Maybe someday we’ll meet you too (I know you have met my sister Dianne, because she talks about it constantly)Hope you have many more healthy and happy birthdays to come.

  18. Dodie Koehler says:

    Happy Birthday! I have always admired you. You seem to be a kind forward thinking person. Love – LOVE your music and movies! Love Happiness & Blessings to You my dear. ???

  19. Catherine says:

    Darling Doris. There is nothing new to be said about you. So I echo what everyone else has said. You are part of everyday life in my house I have little reminders of you everywhere. Your love of animals is the same as my own. I know you have been hurt in life, but remained true to yourself. Your movies are as fresh and sweet as ever they were. No-one could ever fill your shoes Doris K. No one could wear clothes better that you. No one has EVER cried more than you on the movies. You are the real deal. Thanks Doris for making life better…smiley face..Catherine xx

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday Doris.

    I have been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember..I have been watching some old movies of yours today….The Thrill OF IT ALL along with a few others..you have been my favorite singer and I have an original album you made so many years ago…all of your films have been my favorite…I remember you caring for your long time friend Rock Hudson..the picture of the two of you on your show will be forever grained in my mind. I love your love of animals and of all the people I have liked over the years and haven’t met, I would have always wanted to meet you…I am close to you in age…by 8 years..perhaps I will live to be 90 too….HAppy Birthday..I wonder if you read these little love notes….hope so as you ae truly one of the best around…

  21. Cheryl Stertern-Gill says:

    Hapy Birthday Doris, God Bless you on your Special day, you are a beautiful person…

  22. Gilmore says:

    Happy Birthday, Doris!!

    You were one of my mothers favorite singers and film actress, and when I was born in 1962 she introduced me to you and it’s been a love affair ever since. You were the only “non-Italian singer” we were aloud to listen to.

    I lost my mother 20 years ago this month, but the education of music and film that she gave to me remains to this day. The name Doris Day has added laughter, song, tears, and fond memories into my life. I am VERY grateful.

    Thank God you were born to have given such a gift of entertainment to all of us. I know it was just a JOB, that you did very well, but to many it was more than that. You inspired, you motivated, you taught, and you gave us music to add to the personal soundtracks of our lives.

    90 years of giving so much positive energy to your two legged, and four legged, friends and fans.

    God bless you and thank you for everything.

  23. Humberto Montalvo says:

    Happy Birthday Doris. Wish you nothing but the best on your special DAY. I was so in love with you when I was growing up. There was no one more beautiful than you in the whole world. I enjoyed watching your movies, specially the ones you made with Rock Hudson. .

  24. Crystal Horsley says:

    Happy Birthday Doris! I’ve always wanted to tell you how much your talent and beautiful smile have meant to me! My family loves you too! Enjoy your special day!

  25. Bonnie Debel-Fingerson says:

    I am 64 and I have been a huge fan of Doris Day all my life.. I have seen almost all of her movies. I Love her voice and singing. I have been watching her movies all day on TCM. I admire her strength and resolve and her dedication to help animals. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A WONDERFUL LADY!

  26. Bonnie Debel-Fingerson says:

    P.S. You are my hero!!!

  27. Laurie Ann says:

    Dear Doris Day,

    I wish you a very happy birthday. You have brought so much joy to others, I hope you are showered with love and kindness as well. Your movies and music inspired and cheered me though some very difficult times. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. You made our lives better off. I wish you many happy, healthy years.

    WIth much love and deep regard,
    Laurie Ann

  28. Violet (@VioletJet) says:

    #1 classy lady who has never disappointed so many. I’ve always loved her in the movies and admired her respect and dedication to animals. She never fails to bring a smile to my face no matter what is happening in life. A wonderful soul. Happy Birthday, Doris! <3

  29. Rose says:

    Happy Birthday dear Doris from all of your Australian fans. Have a wonderful day and thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given us through your music and movies. You are an inspiration to all of us with your generous nature and happy and caring spirit.
    We love you always. Cheers, Rose

  30. Elayne says:

    Dearest Ms. Day,
    Happiest of birthdays yet! Thanks for all you have done, continue to do and will do! No one like you on earth!

  31. Stella Faris says:

    Happy Birthday, Doris! You’ve been very important in the lives of my daughter and me! My little girl became a loyal Doris fan when she was 3 years old when she saw you in Calamity Jane. After that, on weekends or whenever a special occasion came up, we watched a Doris movie together. We collected all 39 movies. It became our special thing to do together! Our mother-daughter bond became so much stronger because of those happy times! My little girl is now almost 28 years old and we still get together for a Doris movie together! We Love You, Doris!

  32. Susi says:

    Sorry sorry sorry, I missed it yesterday:

    BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Best wishes
    and god bless you!!! Thank you for so many
    funny and happy moments in my life with
    your music and movies!! I love you.

    Hope, you had a wonderful day!!!

  33. Myrna says:

    Happy Birthday Doris,
    You are one of a kind and have made so many people happy. Not only in your wonderful movies but the kindness you have shared with all. I have always loved your music and movies and your TV shows are watched a lot in my house. You should start a Doris Day Clothes catalog. Boy I love the different oxford shirts you wore in addition, some of the designers should watch your movies and look at the dresses you wore. Outstanding! Me, I love cotton and I have always wanted to live on a farm. My Dad is going to be 92 and is out there cutting the grass and I am sure you are still working while enjoying the environment and taking care of your farm and animals.
    Enjoy your Birthday,

  34. F rancis Comito says:

    Dear Doris are a great and wonderful woman! A style icon! A charming voice! A great actress! Doris’re an idol for me! It ‘s an honor to wish you a happy birthday to your wonderful ninety years! Doris thank you very much with all my heart!
    Francis Comito from Rome

  35. Joseph Zani says:

    Well Doris “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to you and may you enjoy many more. “Once I had a secret love” and it was you; so full of vim and vigor you were a joy to behold and listen to. God bless you for what you do for our fellow creatures and I and millions of others love you for it.
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us.

  36. bill metz says:

    happy birthday doris. your nyc friend from 1944 bill metz

  37. bill metz says:

    happy birthday your nyc friend from1944 in the capital theater bil metz

  38. MERY MORALES says:

    Lot’s of blessings, Felicidades!!!! Feliz Cumplena~os!!!! Yes you are a gifted lady,Thank You for all the great movies,and music you gave us.Lots of Memories, not many are around, You and Mrs Betty White, are one of our Divas. GOD BLESS YOU.Enjoy your Foundation.

  39. Richard H says:

    Doris, I’m 58 and my local station plays your music daily. I am still sighing when I hear you. Your lovely immaculate voice has really blessed us always. I love animals too, just like you, but you are a powerhouse when it comes to doing great works for animals behalf. I will always and forever love you and cherish all you have done in gracing us with your charm. Happy Birthday Doris Day.

  40. Annette Boult says:

    Doris, I have been your fan for as long as I can remember. Thank you for your songs, your movies, your tv shows, etc. In return for the love you have shown everyone, may God bless you richly with his peace and love.

    Annette, Ottawa, Canada

  41. VICENTE says:

    Querida Doris, desde Buenos Aires, Argentina, desde el barrio de La Boca, te envio un Feliz cumpleaños y un enorme abrazo, espero que te llegue este saludo, y me puedas contestar, gracias

  42. Pat Elliott says:

    Dear Doris,

    Thank you for all the wonderful years of happiness and inspiration you have given. You are admired and loved by so many. Your music and films will live on forever. They provide so much enjoyment. I have a collection of your music and movies that I listen to and watch often. Doing so is always an uplifting experience. Happy Belated Birthday! From Pat a fellow Ohioan.

  43. Una Dempsey says:

    Happy Birthday Doris – I have been a fan since I was a child and love both songs and films, hope you have/had a special birthday, thanks for all the wonderful memories there will never be anyone like you 🙂

  44. Klaus Gutmann says:

    Happy Birthday Doris. I’m 70 and have been your big fun all the time. Watching stil your musics and movies.
    From Brasil, Klaus Gutmann

  45. Heidi says:

    Happy wonderful 90th Birthday Doris! I want to thank you so much for all the hard work and awareness you have given to animal rights. It takes a truely great person to have such a big heart for the poor helpless animal who cant speak for themselves. I dont have much but I have left what I can in my will for your wonderful organization. I appreciate all you do! This world would be a much better place with more people like you. I love the shows you did with a messages about animals in them. Just great!!

  46. PETER YVES says:

    Dear i love you so much you so awesomE till your first film that iam watching almost every week end (Romance on the High Seas) BEAUTIFUL SONG :Its MAGIC !! Happy Birthday Doris – I AM 40 YO have been a fan since I was a child and love your songs and films,I WISH YOU have a great day a beautiful birthday, youre wonderful thank you for everything and for the dog cause 2 :O))

  47. beverley says:

    happy birthday to a lovely lady, I,m a big fan and think you are a wonderful and caring woman. here,s to many more birthdays. from your fan in England. xx

  48. alisa hill says:

    happy birthday doris thank you for the memories and great talent alisa hill

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