Hit Singles

Between 1940 and 1967, over 180 singles featuring Doris Day’s delightful voice were released across the world alongside countless  other E.P.s. Ms. Day’s songs were regularly played on the radio and adorned popular music charts in the USA as well as countries as far a field as the UK and Australia. To produce therefore a complete international release listing would be quite frankly an impossible task to do so below we detail Doris Day’s American ‘Top 20’ singles. Also for your interest we include chart positions from Ms. Day’s other biggest singles market which was the United Kingdom.


  • 1945 – Sentimental Journey+US#1
    Columbia Records USA #36769
  • 1945 – My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time (from “In Society”) – US#1
    b/w He’s Home For A Little While
    Columbia Records USA #36779
  • 1945 – ‘Taint MeUS#10
    b/w I’ll Always Be With You
    Columbia Records USA #36804
  • 1945 –Till The End Of Time (based on Chopin’s “Polonaise”) – US#3
    b/w He’ll Have To Cross The Atlantic
    Columbia Records USA #36828
  • 1945 – Aren’t You Glad You’re You? (from “Bells of St. Mary’s”) – US#11
    b/w The Last Time I Saw You
    Columbia Records USA #36875
  • 1945 – You Won’t Be SatisfiedUS#2
    b/w Come To Baby, Do!US#11
    Columbia Records USA #36884
    [Double A-side Single]
  • 1946 – Day By DayUS#15
    Columbia Records USA #36945
  • 1946 – I Got The Sun In The Morning (from “Annie Get Your Gun”) – US#10
    Columbia Records USA #36977
  • 1946 – The Whole World Is Singing My SongUS#6
    Columbia Records USA #37066
  • 1946 – Sooner Or Later (from “Song of the South”) – US#8
    Columbia Records USA #37153
  • 1946 – The Christmas SongUS#12
    Columbia Records USA #37174


  • 1948 – Love Somebody+ with Buddy Clark – US#1
    b/w Confess with Buddy Clark – US#16
    Columbia Records USA #38174
    [Double A-side Single]
  • 1948 – It’s Magic+ (from “Romance On The High Seas”) – US#2
    b/w Put ‘Em In A Box, Tie ‘Em With A RibbonUS#27
    Columbia Records USA #38188
    [Double A-side Single]
  • 1948 – My Darling, My Darling with Buddy Clark (from “Where’s Charley”) – US#7
    b/w That Certain Party with Buddy Clark
    Columbia Records USA #38353
  • 1949 – Powder Your Face With Sunshine with Buddy Clark – US#16
    b/w I’ll String Along With You with Buddy Clark
    Columbia Records USA #38394
  • 1949 – Again (from “Roadhouse”) – US#2
    b/w Everywhere You Go
    Columbia Records USA #38467
  • 1949 – Now That I Need You (from “Red, Hot and Blue”) – US#20
    b/w Blame My Absent-Minded Heart
    Columbia Records USA #38507
  • 1949 – Let’s Take An Old Fashioned Walk with Frank Sinatra (from “Miss Liberty”) – US#17
    Columbia Records USA #38513
  • 1949 – Canadian Capers (Cuttin’ Capers) (from “My Dream Is Yours”) – US#15
    b/w It’s Better To Conceal Than Reveal with Dinah Shore
    Columbia Records USA #38595
  • 1949 – Bluebird On Your WindowsillUS#19
    b/w The River Seine
    Columbia Records USA #38611
  • 1949 – QuicksilverUS#20
    b/w Crocodile Tears
    Columbia Records USA #38638
  • 1950 – Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered (from “Pal Joey”) – US#9
    b/w Imagination
    Columbia Records USA #38698
  • 1950 – Hoop-Dee-DoUS#17
    b/w Marriage Ties
    Columbia Records USA #38771
  • 1950 – I Didn’t Slip-I Wasn’t Pushed-I FellUS#19
    b/w Before I Loved You
    Columbia Records USA #38818
  • 1950 – A Bushel And A Peck (from “Guys and Dolls”) – US#16
    b/w The Best Thing For You
    Columbia Records USA #39008
  • 1951 – Would I Love YouUS#10
    b/w Lullaby Of Broadway
    Columbia Records USA #39159
  • 1951 – ShanghaiUS#17
    b/w My Life’s Desire
    Columbia Records USA #39423
  • 1952 – A Guy Is A Guy+ (based on the 1719 British song “I Went To The Alehouse”) – US#1
    b/w Who Who Who
    Columbia Records USA #39673
  • 1952 – Sugarbush with Frankie Laine – US#7 / UK #8
    b/w How Lovely Cooks The Meat with Frankie Laine
    Columbia Records USA #39693
  • 1952 – When I Fall In Love (from “One Minute To Zero”) – US#20
    b/w Take Me In Your Arms
    Columbia Records USA #39786
  • 1952 – My Love And DevotionUK#10
    b/w Make It Soon
    Columbia Records USA #39817
  • 1952 – A Full Time Job with Johnnie Ray – US#20 / UK#11
    b/w Ma Says, Pa Says with Johnnie Ray – US #23 / UK #12
    Columbia Records USA #39898
    [Double A-side Single]
  • 1952 – Mister Tap ToeUS#10
    b/w Your Mother And Mine
    Columbia Records USA #39906
  • 1953 – Candy Lips with Johnnie Ray – US#17
    b/w Let’s Walk That-A-Way with Johnnie Ray
    Columbia Records USA #40001
  • 1953 – Choo Choo Train (Ch-Ch-Foo) (adapted from French song “Le Petit Train”) – US#20
    b/w This Too Shall Pass Away
    Columbia Records USA #40063
  • 1953 – Let’s Walk That-A-Way with Johnnie Ray – UK#4
    b/w Candy Lips with Johnnie Ray
    Philips Records UK #PB157
    [A & B sides were previously released on a US single in reverse order]
  • 1953 – The Black Hills Of Dakota (from “Calamity Jane”) – UK#7
    b/w Just Blew In From The Windy City
    Columbia Records USA #40095
  • 1953 – Secret Love+ (from “Calamity Jane”) – US#1 / UK#1
    b/w The Deadwood Stage
    Columbia Records USA #40108
  • 1954 – I Speak To The Stars (from “Lucky Me”) – US#16
    b/w The Blue Bells Of Broadway
    Columbia Records USA #40210
  • 1954 – If I Give My Heart To YouUS#3 / UK#4
    b/w Anyone Can Fall In LoveUS#27
    Columbia Records USA #40300
    [Double A-side Single]
  • 1955 – Ready, Willing & Able (from “Young At Heart”) – UK#7
    Columbia Records USA #40373
  • 1955 – I’ll Never Stop Loving You (from “Love Me Or Leave Me”) – US#13 / UK#17
    b/w Never Look Back
    Columbia Records USA #40505
  • 1955 – Love Me Or Leave Me (from “Love Me Or Leave Me”) – UK#20
    b/w Sam, The Accordion Man
    Philips Records UK #PB479
    [Single not released in the US]
  • 1956 – Que Sera, Sera+ (from “The Man Who Knew Too Much”) – US#2 / UK#1
    b/w I’ve Gotta Sing Away These Blues
    Columbia Records USA #40704
  • 1958 – A Very Precious Love (from “Marjorie Morningstar”) – UK#16
    b/w Teacher’s Pet
    Philips Records UK #PB799
    [A & B sides were previously released on a US single in reverse order]
  • 1958 – Everybody Loves A Lover+US#6 / UK#25
    b/w Instant Love
    Columbia Records USA #41195
    [Doris Day’s last single to be released in the US on 78rpm format]
  • 1964 – Move Over Darling (from “Move Over, Darling”) – UK#8
    b/w Twinkle Lullaby
    Columbia Record USA #4-42912

+ GOLD DISC CERTIFIED (Presented for sales in the USA of over 1,000,000 units)

Note: The UK singles chart only began in 1952 so although Doris Day had many best-sellers in the UK prior to this date there is no actual recorded chart position for them. Also please be aware that unless otherwise stared the information above is for the US single release therefore the B side, record label and catalogue number for the UK single may differ slightly.

2 Comments to “Hit Singles”
  1. Gary Marshall says:

    After using Doris Days hit single “Move Over Darling” in a tv commercial , what year was that ? I guessing in either 80s or 90s. The advert was about a lady driving in a convertible and using her stockings as a fan belt? So I guess advert was about stockings, but what year was that? And did it enter the chart in the same year?


  2. admin says:

    It was 1987 and the single re-entered the Top 50. It was however a Top 10 British hit in 1964!

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