Here are some Frequently Asked Questions which visitors often ask the webmaster of this fan tribute website:

  • Is Doris Day still alive?
    Yes. Ms. Day lives in picturesque Carmel (California, USA) on a large estate where she leads a private life surrounded by staff, friends and many of her four-legged friends.
  • Does Doris Day have a personal email address and use the internet?
    No – Ms. Day does not have an email address as she prefers to converse with her fans by letter. She has for years been aware of the many fan tribute websites about her on the web (such as “Discovering Doris”) and in 2010 decided to launch her own official website at www.dorisday.com which features audio messages to her fans.
  • Where can I send fan mail for Doris?
    You can write to Doris c/o her post office box in Carmel. Please understand that Ms. Day receives a high volume of fan mail. It can therefore take a while for her to respond but she does try her utmost to reply to all who contact her.
    Doris Day
    P.O. Box 223163
    CA 93922
  • Can you help me meet Doris?
    No. This site is a fan tribute and we don’t have a direct hotline to Ms. Day. As explained Doris Day is a very private lady who also leads a very, very busy life. She has often conveyed her sincere gratitude and love for her fans but would never rest if she started meeting all who wanted to drop by to meet her. In fact, we suspect she’d spend her entire life doing nothing else but “meet and greets”.
  • Can you send me an autographed photo of Doris?
    No. Sorry we can not help with such requests as this is only a fan website. You can usually find signed photos on eBay or you could even send Ms. Day a polite request to her PO Box address above – perhaps even include a self-addressed envelope. She may well then be able to send you something in return.
  • Are there any Doris Day fan clubs that I can join?
    Yes – but only one fan club now exists based in Australia. Go to this website’s fanclub article for more information.
  • Is there any way I can meet other Doris Day fans?
    Yes. This site has a page on facebook where you can meet other fans from around the world and talk about Doris Day until your heart is content.
  • Where can I buy Doris’s films, albums & TV shows?
    There is a wide array of Doris Day related CDs, DVDs and Books on sale around the world. This site has set-up a dedicated aStore powered by the amazon.com website. It highlights some of the most essential, officially produced (not bootleg) releases with reviews which will help you decide where to begin your collection.
  • I’m looking for a certain song that Doris recorded. Can you help me find it?
    Doris recorded over 600 songs during her career as a singer. We would suggest you explore this site’s extensive music section or post a message on our facebook page.
  • Does Doris ever read any of the messages on this site’s forum?
    Yes. From time to time, we have printed and mailed Ms. Day well-wishes and other pages from the website which we thought may be of interest to her.
  • How did the webmaster discover Doris?
    Stephen, the founder of the “Discovering Doris” website discovered Doris Day in 1993 whilst she was riding high in the British ‘Top 20’ album charts with “The Hit Singles Collection”. It was shear curiosity after hearing the catchy-hook of her single “Move Over, Darling” that encouraged him to buy this album and find out more about the singer and her career.
  • Why did the webmaster decide to build a website on Doris?
    In 1993, when Stephen discovered Doris Day he was just a teenager. The internet was then barely in existence and had nothing to offer whatsoever on Doris Day. Curious to discover more about the star he joined the now defunct British fanclub, The Doris Day Society. He slowly but surely discovered Doris’s movies, extensive music catalogue and a lady who had a heart of gold.The twist to this tale is that once Stephen clued up on who Doris Day was he decided his first attempt at web design would be to build a very basic version of the website you see here today. On the 30 May 1998, Stephen’s Doris Day website became the very first tribute to the star on the world wide web. Although it intially launched in association with The Doris Day Society it soon cut its ties and became an independent fan site.
  • Has Doris ever seen this website?
    In 1999, a printed version of this website was mailed to Doris Day. She later responded with a lovely letter. Click here to read what she thought of this website.
  • Is the webmaster Stephen the same person behind some of Doris Day CDs?
    Yes. As this website blossomed so did the webmaster’s appreciation of Ms. Day’s music and his involvement in the music industry. This eventually led to him coordinating a number of Doris Day related CD projects – the most significant of which was the ’80th birthday’ tribute CD set (“Her Life in Music”) which Ms. Day contributed to.
17 Comments to “FAQs”
  1. Lon Cross says:

    Of all the stars from the golden age of movies still alive (and there are quite a few still with us!) Doris Day is my absolute favorite. I first saw her as a kid in her first movie “Romance On the High Seas” and I’m still watching it today on DVD! Ms Day deserves two Honorary Oscars: one for her career, and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her animal activism. One correction to her site: You state that she was the only actor to be on the Top 10 Box Office list for 10 consecutive years. Actually, Betty Grable was also on the list for 10 consecutive years. But what a great tribute site for a great actress and singer, Doris Day!

  2. tiresias says:

    does doris know about the beatles’ reference to her on the track “dig it” on their “let it be” album? what does she think of it?

  3. Bonnie says:

    Happy Birthday, Miss Day. Continued good health and happiness.

  4. Angela Eoff says:

    Hope you having a most wonderul birthday!

  5. Lynn says:

    I have loved you and your movies for as long as I can remember. I used to watch them over and over again. Thank you, for your standards in the movies and You and Rock Hudson, rock and Gene Kelley and Gordon McCray were awesome.
    Loveabye of Broadway and JUMBO, Rock Hudsons and James Gardner, awww heck I loved um all….

  6. Suzanne says:

    I remember Doris day fondly for her wonderful movies and beautiful singing. I am sitting here in Canada right now watching her movie ‘Please Dn’t Eat the Daisies’ with David Niven and enjoying it once again. On TCM. Prior to this they aired a movie I had never seen before made in 1949 called ‘My Dream is Yours’ with Jack Carson. Later they are airing her 1st film -Romance on the High Seasand her 1958 film called the Tunnel of Love with Richard Widmark. and lastly – With Six you get eggroll with Brian keith. Wonderful movies all.

  7. Harriet Stwora says:

    I grew up with the beautiful and talented Doris Day. When I was about 13 I used to mimic her song, “Secret Love” and several others she recorded. She was always the singer and movie star I admired the most.
    Today i still think she is one of the most talented and beautiful people in the entertainment field.
    I really admire her for her love of animals and the fact she has a rescue that saves and cares for them. I live in Aiken, SC which is a very popular town for horse trainers, polo players and the Triple Crown Event in the Spring. I too love animals and particularly horses, having previously owned several in the past.
    If at all possible, I would love to receive a signed autograph of Miss Day, particularly one with a horse as I have a large room decorated with numerous horses, memorabilia and a photo of Doris would be a wonderful addition to my collection. I would be more than happy to purchase this photo if Doris would be so kind as to send me one.
    Thank you Doris for all your wonderful work and the best of health to you!
    A long admired friend,

  8. Cindy Rose says:

    Would you post your hot german potatoe salad recipe? Always was a favorite, mother (87) has looked everywhere. I would like to make it for her and my husband

  9. Mike Cooper says:

    I have adored Doris Day ever since my childhood days, her supreme voice and acting talents reached standards no other celebrity could or ever will match.
    My one wish in life would be to spend 5 minutes chatting with her. And now, Doris does such fabulous work with her animal charities. What a lady-pure gold!

  10. Dawn P says:

    I’m so glad that we let the living know how much they have touched our lives and not during the “celebration service”. “Thanks for the memories Miss Day”!!! Your thoughtfullness towards pets has also touched our hearts. We lost our two aged(15yo)family members(doggies) this year and are so heart broken. Keep us in mind if any baby chow chow mix’s come thru your doors and need a great home…The very best health and happiness to you, God Bless Thank you for all you have done in film and with pet rescue’s and well being.

  11. Bunny says:

    I have been corresponding to Miss Day for many years, at least 5 times a year, and have NEVER received a note from her. I don’t really believe she sees all her fan mail.

  12. janet says:

    I watch Doris Day’s movies every chance i get because they are so clean cut and funny and in this day and age where it’s almost impossible to find a descent movie, hers are a breath of fresh air and so funny and enjoyable!

  13. Dear Doris,

    With wishes for continued good health, happiness and joy. Your warmth, kindness and compassion are a blessing,

    Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing to promote animal rights and compassionate care.

    With wishes for all things good,

    Christopher Lee May

  14. Adriaan Hout says:

    Dear Stephen,
    I have a request.
    I am looking for the name of the recordproducer
    before Terry Melcher, especialy of the Song:
    A Guy Is A Guy.
    Can you help me?
    Kind regards,
    Adriaan A. T. Hout

  15. Diane Martin says:

    Dear Doris Day,

    I just wanted to let you know how much my sister and I love your music and movies. When we were young girls we used to watch them with our mother. Now my sister is in a nursing home after a major stroke at 55 years old, they are just wonderful as always. It is your movies that bring us joy. We own a box set of movies with Rock Hudson and they lift our spirits, no matter what… Thank you Doris… Thank you for making us laugh…we are truly greatful.

    God Bless you !

    Diane Martin
    Parma, Ohio

  16. bettie says:

    still just love this lady.

  17. Martin says:

    Hi there, I used to run one of the few Doris Day fan clubs and have heaps of memorabilia, including the original 1970’s fan club magazines … tho I was only born then! I wondered if u wud like to do a feature as I now run a Doris day themed cake business called Cake Sera, Sera! … we are the top cupcake maker in the UK and have made cakes for Tyne Daley, Sharon Gless and some West End Stars … please email me if u think it is newsy enough :o) x

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