As a movie star Doris Day made a staggering thirty-nine motion pictures in a period of just over 20 years. These roles touch upon an array of film genres such as comedy, thriller, romance, musical, western, mystery and drama. Many of these movies were triumphs at the box office and received critical acclaim around the world.

  1. 1948 – Romance on the High Seas
  2. 1949 – My Dream Is Yours
  3. 1949 – It’s A Great Feeling
  4. 1950 – Young Man with a Horn
  5. 1950 – Tea for Two
  6. 1950 – The West Point Story
  7. 1951 – Storm Warning
  8. 1951 – Lullaby of Broadway
  9. 1951 – On Moonlight Bay
  10. 1951 – I’ll See You in My Dreams
  11. 1951 – Starlift
  12. 1952 – The Winning Team
  13. 1952 – April in Paris
  14. 1953 – By the Light of the Silvery Moon
  15. 1953 – Calamity Jane
  16. 1954 – Lucky Me
  17. 1955 – Young at Heart
  18. 1955 – Love Me or Leave Me
  19. 1956 – The Man Who Knew Too Much
  20. 1956 – Julie
  21. 1957 – The Pajama Game
  22. 1958 – Teacher’s Pet
  23. 1958 – The Tunnel of Love
  24. 1959 – It Happened to Jane
  25. 1959 – Pillow Talk
  26. 1960 – Please Don’t Eat the Daisies
  27. 1960 – Midnight Lace
  28. 1961 – Lover Come Back
  29. 1962 – That Touch of Mink
  30. 1962 – Billy Rose’s Jumbo
  31. 1963 – The Thrill of It All!
  32. 1963 – Move Over, Darling
  33. 1964 – Send Me No Flowers
  34. 1965 – Do Not Disturb
  35. 1966 – The Glass Bottom Boat
  36. 1967 – The Ballad of Josie
  37. 1967 – Caprice
  38. 1968 – Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?
  39. 1968 – With Six You Get Eggroll
4 Comments to “Filmography”
  1. Donna Medina says:

    I love Doris Day. I especially love the movies Calamity Jane and Teachers Pet. I wonder who was her favorite leading man.I would like to know who did she enjoy singing with? Perhaps Howard Keel? I heard she called the Bill O’Reilly show. Does she still call? I have been a fan for over 50 years and I wish Doris would make herself more open somehow to the public. I hope this not in vain.

  2. Lorraine says:

    I love all her movies and I am slowly building my collection:) I am so excited to say we have a new Doris Fan in our home, our 4 year old daughter. This past weekend my mom and I decided to watch Calamity Jane and my daughter watched with us, we have watched it 2 times over. She just loves all the singing and dancing not to mention the beautiful outfits. I am going to take a pic of us watching and send the pic along with a letter to Doris.

  3. Jim Southern says:

    In 1986, as I was recovering from my first divorce, a movie theatre in Salt Lake City ran two of her early movies, “On Moonlight Bay” & “By The Light Of The Silvery Moon”. They cheered me up a bit and reminded me of my childhood crush on her I had when those movies were first released. The crush is still active.

  4. wayne staley says:

    Grew up with my mother singing your songs.Then i got to see you in the movies.I thought what a nice girl.Beautiful, funny, German like me.Sure to make any man happy.I love hearing you sing.Maybe I’ll see you in Heaven. Run up and give me a big hug.

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