Television was never a medium that Doris Day chose to pursue during the early part of her career. In 1968, after the passing of her husband/manager Marty Melcher she discovered to her surprise that Melcher had contracted her to do a television situation-comedy. As ever the true professional Doris Day gave her all to this project and quickly became a major star of the small screen. This section details Doris Day’s TV highlights.

  • 1954 – What’s My Line?
    (CBS; USA Game Show – Episode 20 Jun 1954)
  • 1956 – The Ed Sullivan Show
    (CBS; USA Chat Show – Season 9 / Episode 21)
  • 1956 – The Ed Sullivan Show
    (CBS; USA Chat Show – Season 10 / Episode 11)
  • 1957 – What’s My Line?
    (CBS; USA Game Show – Episode 8 Sep 1957)
  • 1958 – The 30th Annual Academy Awards
    (Co-Presenter of “Writing Award”)
  • 1959 – The 31st Annual Academy Awards
    (Co-Presenter of “Cinematography Award”)
  • 1960 – The 32nd Annual Academy Awards
    (Co-Presenter of “Best Original Song”)
  • The Doris Day Show
    (CBS; Award-winning USA TV sitcom)
    – Season 1 (1968-69)
    – Season 2 (1969-70)
    – Season 3 (1970-71)
    – Season 4 (1971-72)
    – Season 5 (1972-73)
  • 1970 – The Merv Griffin Show
    (CBS; USA Chat Show – Episode 22 Jun 1970)
  • 1971 – The Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Special
    (CBS; USA Variety show with Perry Como and Rock Hudson)
  • 1971 – The Pet Set with Betty White
    (USA Animal themed Chat show – Episode 9 Aug 1971)
  • 1973 – The Merv Griffin Show
    (CBS; USA Chat Show – Episode 30 Aug 1973)
  • 1973 – The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
    (NBC; USA Chat Show – Episode 26 Nov 1973)
  • 1974 – The American Film Institute Salute to James Cagney
    (AFI; USA Award Ceremony – Doris Day pays tribute to her former co-star)
  • 1974 – The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
    (NBC; USA Chat Show – Episode 2 Nov 1974)
  • 1974 – John Denver & Friends
    (ABC; USA Variety show featuring Doris Day; Doris performs duets with John Denver)
  • 1975 – The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
    (NBC; USA Chat Show – Episode 16 Jan 1975)
  • 1975 – Doris Day Today!
    (CBS; USA Variety show with John Denver and comedians Tim Conway and Rich Little)
  • 1985-1986 – Doris Day’s Best Friends
    (CBN; USA Animal themed chat show series; filmed at Doris Day’s home in Carmel)
  • 1989 – I Don’t Even Like Apple Pie
    (BBC; UK TV biography featuring a specially commissioned interview with Doris Day)
  • 1991 – A Sentimental Journey
    (PBS; USA TV biography featuring a specially commissioned interview with Doris Day)
  • 1994 – Pebble Mill ‘ Doris Day’ Special
    (BBC; UK TV Special – Gloria Hunniford interviews Doris Day at her home in Carmel)
  • 1994 – Des O’Connor
    (ITV; UK Chat show – interview with Doris Day via satellite)
  • 1998 – Doris Day: It’s Magic
    (A&E; USA TV biography; available on VHS and DVD)
  • 2002 – Hollywood Greats: Doris Day
    (BBC; UK TV documentary presented by Jonathon Ross)
  • 2003 – E! True Hollywood Story: Doris Day
    (E!; USA TV biography)
  • 2009 – What A Difference A Day Made
    (ARTE; Quirky German TV biography featuring 2008-recorded audio of Doris Day)
8 Comments to “TVography”
  1. Craig says:

    She also appeared as a guest on the Phil Donahue, on the book tour promoting her autobiography “Doris Day:Her Own Story” (circa 1975-6)

    On Barbara Walters talk show, about her autobiography circl 1975-1976

    On Vicki! Discussing her career, leading men, but mostly the event forL Doris Day’s Best Friends” for animal awareness

    Also interviewed by Joan Lunden of Good Morning American on the beach at Carmel California

    Good Morning America (week long segments with Rock Hudson, interviewed by David Hartman. 1980s

  2. Nigel says:

    A true star
    All the films are classics
    We need more of Doris on tv


  3. Paul says:

    How dull America would have been without Doris Day and what a lively injection of entertainment she has provided over decades. She should receive a medal of honor for service to her country, but I think the Bush medal will do for that.
    Hope to see more new album released, Happy New Year and many more. Paul

  4. alex from Brasil says:

    She looked gorgeous with thaqt longer hair, wearing that long red dress in with six you…what a classy lady, beautiful voice…natural acting…best peformer mother on screen…i miss her so much..she´ll never know love you Lady Doris!

  5. Clarence Fletcher from New Mexico says:

    There has never been a more classy lady on screen or off screen. I fell in love with Doris Day as a jr. high kid and still think she is beautiful. She has always been my favorite female actress. I wish her the best always and if there was any actress or actor I would love to meet in person it would be Ms. Day. Fletch

  6. regina says:

    to Clarence Fletcher I can say that to be in front of Doris Day is the greatest experience a
    fan of hers can live. Luckily for I could do it
    after a long journey from my country Chile in 1988. calamityjane 1988may

  7. Brenda Warren says:

    What a very special beautiful lady..very talented and such a great person.If there were more people like Doris the world would be a much nicer place.

  8. Marilynn Bauer says:

    I’m such a huge Doris Day fan…..I’m trying to find out about the Lifetime Achievement Awards being given to Doris….Is this going to be televised, if so….when? There is no one like Doris Day, and there never will be. She was so special…….She deserves every award there is….Kennedy Center Honors, the Academy Award, etc. If anyone knows the answer to the Lifetime Achievement Awards – please email me……
    thank you,
    Marilynn Bauer

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