The actress and singer Doris Day is one of the few surviving stars of Hollywood’s golden age. She made her debut in show-business in 1939 and gave her final screen appearance in 1986 hosting her own TV chat show. Thereafter, she retired from the limelight to focus her attention on her two animal welfare organisations.

The “Discovering Doris” website enables you to do just that. You’ll find over 200 pages of information here about Ms. Day’s career as a singer and actress. Yes – that’s right folks everything from Ms. Day’s music career of over 600 songs, culminating in 28 original albums and 76 charting singles (30 of these were “Top 20” American hit singles – many were also charted world-wide) to her work as an actress of 39 motion pictures, two television variety specials and 154 episodes of two television series.

Our hope is that by the time you finish exploring this website you will have an all-new understanding of Ms. Day:

– the GRAMMY award winning recording artist;
– the biggest selling International Female Recording Artist of the 1950s;
– the most successful American Female Movie Star of the late 1950s and early 1960s;
– the six times Golden Globe award winning actress;
– the Animal Welfare campaigner and friend to all our four-legged friends.

This website would also like to thank everyone who has supported it and crucially continued to visit it since the 30 May 1998. You are one of the main reasons why we continue developing this website and we hope you continue to enjoy discovering Doris as much as we have.

Love to you all,
The team at ‘Discovering Doris’

25 Comments to “Welcome”
  1. CARLITO says:


  2. montserrat says:

    dORIS IS MY IDOL…I love all her films and songs

  3. Meryl Heasman says:

    Doris Day is my favourite singer/actress of all time. The musicals were fantastic “Calamity Jane”, all the moonlight films and my favourite “Love me or Leave me”. Doris starred in the sophisticated comedies which are now considered classics, with the late Rock Hudson…they were and are still hilarious. I also thought Doris was superb in Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” with James Stewart. Doris is a very successful animal rights activist and has used her celebrity for a wonderful cause. Her albums are still as popular today as they were in times gone by…because excellence is timeless.

  4. jimmy heaney says:

    i found a little catchy song from doris not so long ago but now ive lost it and cant find it on any album it had a lot of voice overs can anyone help id never heard it before

  5. susan wilkinson says:

    when i hear her voice, i just melt. all the stress just drains away.

  6. frances rethorn says:

    I absolutly love this web site! Almost as much as I love Doris. Can’t wait for the new album and calendar. Can’t find dvds of Julie, Midnight Lace, Ballard of Josie, and Where were you when the lights went out? Can you help? Thanks, and keep all the news coming. F. Rethorn

  7. Dave Bolton says:

    I’m 73 and she STILL gives me goose bumps!

  8. Craig says:

    Just wanted to mention that I mention Doris in my Forbes.com blog “The Culture Mulcher.” Special topic is “Overrated or Underrated?” Guess which Doris is?
    See it at: http://blogs.forbes.com/craigsilver/

  9. Floyd kramer says:

    Just read that there will be no oscar for Doris this year. There is no cause so bizzare and off the edge that the Hollywood establishment doesn’t support and embellish. And they won’t recognize what America is, at least was, and should be, about. Well as Frank use to say, “Bums”. Shame on them. She was, is, and will always be, a wonder in so many ways, and so very worthy of that statute called oscar.

  10. Barbara Norton says:

    We can’t ever print enough praises for this wonderful lady she has given the world so very much with her superb talent, and continues to give of her self in helping all our animals,I think of our Doris when I heard this quote, Some people no matter how old they get never lose their beauty, they merely move it from their faces into their hearts, Doris has a beautiful heart, she is a beautiful woman,

  11. Gary Devlin says:

    In my Opinion,your talents have been underestimated.And should have been honoured for a lifetime achievement award,Long overdue.Yours Sincerely, Mr Gary Devlin

  12. joan oliveaux says:

    All I can say is I love Doris Day! I’m 44 and I have my child watch her so she will live forever. She is sure my idol, my 18 year old son follows her!
    Thank you, for all the happy days you have given me. When I have a bad day and world is unclean I watch you…….Thank you again!

  13. Jim Moore says:

    I would like to wish Doris. A happy thanksgiving. I have been a fan. eversince I was a little boy.She as a one of kind voice. Like Elvis.There will never be anyone else like her.I have all her songs and flims.I have always dreamed of meeting her someday.I don,t how to contract her. Let her know how much she,s. loved and how much I think of her. As a person. Not just as a great star.I would hope that she get copy of this letter. I would like to read it.t woud mean lot to me.As a fan. I,am not very good at writing letters. That is why I have not written before. I,am 58yrs old

  14. rachel says:

    Doris Day, is you, linda, maravilhosa, voce foi? não… vc ainda é a melhor de todas de hollywooud…. simplesmente querida… i love you….. kisss

  15. rachel says:

    Doris Day, is you beautiful, you ar still the best of all… hollywood…. simply wonderful,
    Iam sorry… no speak ingles…
    kisssss Doris I love you… i am brasilian…znp8

  16. Lorraine Clark says:

    Doris day Im already a fan of yours through celebrity addresses ive got signed photo’s personally signed by your good self to which I truly thank you for! ive been a fan of your good self since I was a little girl Iam now 63, im sorry to say im dying of kidney cancer and did hope one day to have meet you in real life to hugg you and thank you for being such an inspiration in my life but I know that will never happen..Thank you Doris day I love you loads and Happy Birthday! Lorraine xx

  17. Denise Hershey says:

    Happy Birthday! My dad’s birthday is the same year as yours. I remember you in 1968 with 2 boys on your show. I was their age. I have seen some of your movies. My favorite is Pillow Talk and Move Over Darling. You are my hero. I told myself I wouldn’t not communicate to one of my favorite movie stars again. So many have passed on. So, now I’m letting you know-you are loved by at least one person. And, I am grateful I lived in your time to know you and see you perform. You gave much joy and still do. Thank you for choosing to be in the public eye in films. Your faithful fan always-Denise P.S. I have 2 lovely chihuahuas (Peaches and Olivia). They’re our joy.

  18. I loved you then and I love you now, I still watch your movies and never get tired of them. Thank God they will always live on for younger generation to see how talanted you are, your voice is like no other, you could sing without music it is so wonderful. Even though you are no longer in the public eye you are NOT forgotten and NEVER will be. Thank you for your caring of the innocent animals, humans can be cruel in more than just one way. Sincerely Barbara in KY

  19. Paul Lankford says:

    Dear Miss Day,

    My wife and I have always loved you, but I grew up with a fellow who truly idolized you then–and now. He emailed me yesterday to let us know about your newest album, which we’ll buy and enjoy, of course! Brava to you for many accomplishments and especially for loving animals.

    You may find it interesting that our neighbors here in Virginia Beach and dearest friends are
    David and Eva Freyss. So we have the great pleasure of walking over to Eva’s studio, which is in their home, and viewing beautiful you in wonderful photographs taken by Eva over the years. You didn’t know you had your own shrine here on Red Oak Road, did you?

    Bless you always, dear lady! We can’t even begin to say we love you because that childhood friend of mine and our friend to this day–Linwood Ricks, now of Charlotte, NC–gave every report in whatever class through our shared 12 years of schooling on some aspect of your life. Our “fanship” can only pale in comparison to Linwood’s!!

    Best wishes always with our gratitude that you continue to grace the world with your many gifts!

    Paul and Deborah Lankford
    Virginia Beach, VA

  20. Janet Proctor says:

    I’m so glad to be able to buy another album of Doris Day. I’ve been a fan ever since i was a little girl I’ve loved all your films, especially ‘Pillow Talk’, i love your voice when you sing, there has never been anyone else with a voice as fantastic as yours. I really wish you were still making films too. Take care.

    Janet Proctor
    Manchester UK

  21. Pat McCourt says:

    I’ve just played “My Heart” CD, received 2 hours ago. What a wonderful album! I was in tears when I heard My Buddy and Happy Endings. I’ve been a fan since 1946 when my Dad, recently returned home after being a POW of the Japanese, took me to see her first film. We both fell in love with her. I have see every film she ever made, my favourite is “Calamity Jane”, seen so many times,including last week, that I know the dialogue off by heart. Best wishes to Doris – long may she reign as Queen of Song.

    Pat McCourt
    Liverpool, UK

  22. Regina Gaige says:

    I have loved Doris Day since Ifirst heard her sing I was 12 now I am nearly 70 yr old no other artist can ever compare to her And when I saw her movies I knew I would always be a devoted fan I have followed her career all these these years To quote one of her songs that I think is beartiful “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” and never stop loving Doris Day . Regina

  23. Gary Emenaker says:

    My Mom lived next door to Her aunt in Hamilton Oh and remembered seeing her there the day she was hit by a train with her dance partner and that they were excited and talking they had just signed a contract and were going to Hollywood to be in the movies but all that changed that night as they came back through Hamilton when their car was struck by a train on fifth st.

  24. john witting says:

    doris day has ben my favourite actress for over 60 yrs one of the best ever to be in films and even now still looks beautiful and very appealing

  25. Jimmy says:

    soory I have a phonograph record from Peter PAn Records of Doris Day, titled A Special Message from Doris Day do i have a collectors or not thank you jimmy

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