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Frequently Asked Questions that visitors often ask the webmaster of this fan tribute website:

  • Is Doris Day still alive?
    Yes. She lives in picturesque Carmel (California, USA) on a large estate where she leads a private life surrounded by staff, friends and many four-leggers (which she adores looking after).

  • Does Doris Day have a personal email address or access to the internet?
    No. She leads such a busy life that she simply doesn't have time to surf the internet and still prefers to use more traditional means to converse with people. She is however aware of site's such as "Discovering Doris" and the many others that exist on the web.

  • Where can I send fan mail for Doris?
    You can write to Doris c/o her post office box in Carmel. Please understand Doris receives a high volume of fan mail so don't expect a reply immediately. It can take a while for her to respond but she does try her utmost to reply to all who contact her.

    Doris Day
    P.O. Box 223163
    CA 93922

  • Can you help me meet Doris?
    No. This site is a fan tribute and I don't have a direct hotline to Ms. Day. As explained Doris is a very private lady who leads such a busy life. As much as she is so grateful to her fans who have supported her over the years she would never rest if she started meeting all want to see her. In fact I would suspect she'd spend her entire life doing nothing else but "meet and greets".

  • Can you send me an autographed photo of Doris?
    Sorry I can not help with such requests as this is only a fan website. You can usually find signed photos on eBay or you could even send Doris a very polite letter to her PO Box address above - perhaps even include a self-addressed envelope. She may well then send you something in return.

  • Are there any Doris Day fan clubs that I can join?
    Yes - two fan clubs exist. One in Great Britain and the other in Australia. Go to the fanclub section for more information.

  • Is there any way I can meet other Doris Day fans?
    Yes. This site has a fan forum where you can meet other fans from around the world and talk about Doris Day until your heart is content. Register at PILLOW TALK - The Doris Day Forum.

  • Where can I buy Doris's films, albums & TV shows?
    There is a wide array of Doris Day related CDs, DVDs and Books on sale around the world. This site has set-up a dedicated aStore powered by the website. It highlights some of the most essential, officially produced (not bootleg) releases with reviews which will help you decide where to begin your collection. Go to the aStore to discover more.

  • I'm looking for a certain song that Doris recorded. Can you help me find it?
    Doris recorded over 600 songs during her career as a singer. I would suggest you explore this site's extensive music section or post a message on its forum.

  • Does Doris ever read any of the messages on this site's forum?
    What I have done from time to time is print and mail her entries that I thought may be of interest to her. I am also currently inviting registered users of the board to leave her a Christmas message. Please click here to join in with that project.

  • How did the webmaster discover Doris?
    Doris came to my attention back in 1993 whilst she was riding high in the British 'Top 20' album charts with the "Hit Singles Collection". It was shear curiosity after hearing the catchy-hook of her single "Move Over, Darling" that encouraged me to buy this album and find out more about the singer and her career.

  • Why did you decide to build a website on Doris?
    The original www.dorisday.comWhen I discovered Doris in the early 1990s I was just a teenager and the internet was barely in existence. I think it would be fair to say that my generation probably was one of the first to embrace the internet when it came about. The problem for me was when I looked online for websites about Doris there was absolutely nothing there. Not to be discouraged and with the help of the now defunct British fanclub, The Doris Day Society, I slowly but surely discovered Doris's movies, extensive music catalogue and a lady who seemingly had a heart of gold.

    The twist to this tale is that once I clued up on who she was I decided to teach myself how to build websites by launching what was a very basic looking version of the site you see today. Thus, on the 30 May 1998, "Discovering Doris" became the very first Doris Day tribute website on the world wide web.

  • Has Doris ever seen this website?
    In 1999, I mailed Doris a printed version of this website. I later received a lovely letter from the great lady. Click here to read what she thought of this site.

  • Are you the same "Stephen" behind those Doris Day CDs?
    Yes. As the site blossomed so did my appreciation of Doris's music and my involvement in the music industry. This led to my work coordinating a number of Doris Day related CD projects - the most significant of which was the '80th birthday' tribute CD set ("Her Life in Music") which Doris kindly contributed to.

    Her Life In Music (3CD Set)Doris Day by Eric Braun (Paperback Biography)The Essential Love Songs (CD)The Doris Day Christmas Album (CD)Wonderful Day/With A Smile And A Song (Twofer CD)




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