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Four more of Doris's 1950s radio shows arrive on remastered CDs...
by Stephen M (Last updated: 20 October 2008, 10:00pm)

Ted Carfrae, the sound engineer behind this delightful series of British CD sets talks about his involvement (see interview below).....

Many of you will recall, how just over a year ago, we were treated to the release of The Doris Day Show - Volume 1. This was issued by the independent British music label, Zone Records. On 15 September 2008, they released their second CD instalment containing more of Doris's radio shows from the early 1950s.

The latest CD set indulges us to many magical moments from Doris's time on American radio station CBS. As per the first volume, the new CD set contains a total of four full-length shows. These have nothing edited out, therefore giving today's listener the same experience to that of its original audience. The recording techniques of the time do have some flaws but have been painstakingly restored to ensure that they sound as crisp and as clear as is possible (taking into account these limitations).

The format for each of these enchanting variety entertainment shows was to blend some comedic banter with general chit-chat between Doris and her special guests who would often be her movie and music co-stars. This series of CDs also offers Doris Day collectors a golden opportunity to own star-studded duets and other solo performances of songs which are not available anywhere else. My favourite rarities on this latest release are the duets with American singer and actor Gordon MacRae.

Having just played both CDs from start to finish I am pleased to tell you all that Zone Records have delivered yet another 1st class product. The set is comprised of two full colour picture disc CDs as well as an 8-page booklet of detailed liner notes and rare photographs.

Discovering Doris gives Volume 2 a deservedrating as it is a wonderful release and a great reminder of days gone by...


Doris Day Show: Vol. 2
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CD packaging with the two picture disc CDs

CD 1

Show date -  9 May 1952

  1. Introduction and It's Magic (Doris Day & Orchestra)
  2. It's A Lovely Day Today (Doris Day)
  3. Just You, Just Me (Doris Day)
  4. Mary Wickes Introduction
  5. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (Doris Day)
  6. I Could Write A Book (Doris Day)
  7. "Amos & Andy CBS Radio Show" advertisement
  8. Gordon MacRae introduction
  9. If Someone Had Told Me (Gordon MacRae)
  10. Cuddle Up A Little Closer (Doris Day & Gordon MacRae)
  11. Till We Meet Again (Doris Day & Gordon MacRae)
  12. Love To Be With You [Closing theme]  (Doris Day & Orchestra)
  13. National Association of Mental Health Appeal

Show date - 16 May 1952

  1. Introduction and It's Magic (Doris Day & Orchestra)
  2. 'S Wonderful (Doris Day)
  3. Harry James introduction
  4. I May Be Wrong  (Doris Day & Harry James)
  5. With A Song In My Heart (Doris Day & Harry James)
  6. CBS Radio show "Stars Over Hollywood" advertisement
  7. Guy Mitchell introduction
  8. Gently Johnny (Doris Day & Guy Mitchell)
  9. Western Comedy Sketch with Doris Day & Guy Mitchell
  10. A Little Kiss Goodnight (Doris Day & Guy Mitchell)
  11. Love To Be With You [Closing theme] (Doris Day & Orchestra)
  12. National Girls Club Week Announcement

CD 2

Show date - 23 May 1952

  1. Introduction and It's Magic (Doris Day & Orchestra)
  2. Moonlight Bay (Doris Day)
  3. Ray Noble introduction
  4. Save A Little Sunbeam (Doris Day & Ray Noble)
  5. The Very Thought Of You (Doris Day)
  6. CBS Radio series "My Friend Erma" advertisement
  7. Dennis Day introduction
  8. I Hear A Rhapsody (Dennis Day)
  9. 'Paris' Comedy Sketch with Doris Day, Dennis Day & Ray Noble
  10. A Guy Is A Guy (Doris Day)
  11. Love To Be With You [Closing theme] (Doris Day & Orchestra)
  12. The History of American Conventions advertisement

Show date - 1 Jun 1952

  1. Introduction and It's Magic (Doris Day & Orchestra)
  2. Who Who Who (Doris Day)
  3. "Rexall" advertisement
  4. Lullaby of Broadway (Doris Day)
  5. Bob Crosby introduction
  6. Just A Little Lovin' (Bob Crosby)
  7. Be Anything [But Be Mine] (Doris Day)
  8. Ronald Reagan introduction
  9. Take Me Out To The Ballgame (Doris Day, Ronald Reagan & Bob Crosby)
  10. 'Baseball' Comedy Sketch with Doris, Dennis Day & Ray Noble
  11. Ol' Saint Nicholas (Doris Day)
  12. Love To Be With You [Closing theme] (Doris Day & Orchestra)

CD Set's Booklet for Volume 2



Ted Carfrae talks to the Discovering Doris website...

I've known the guys from Zone Records for many years, in fact they were one of my first mastering clients ever when I had my studio in London's West End. Since then, they have become great friends and I have restored and mastered countless projects for them with artists including Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark, Madeline Bell and of course Doris Day.

When they asked me to restore and re-master some original Doris Day radio programmes from the early 50's, it was very exciting because this material has never been heard since it was first broadcast, so I felt a great responsibility to get it right. The shows were recorded pre-tape, so they existed only on transcription discs, much like a 78RPM record that radio stations cut so that they could archive programming output and keep it for either future broadcast or in the library for posterity.

Zone Records had all the discs carefully transferred in Los Angeles from the original analogue transcription discs onto a digital format such as a DAT tape or CDR before being sent to me for restoration.

Restoration is a tricky business at the best of times because though you want to remove all the unwanted noise and artefacts from the audio, you have to be very careful that in the process, you don't also remove the character of the recording. I've heard many badly restored albums on CD's where you can hear a sort of metallic brittle sound where the processing has been far too severe. I would rather keep some of the unwanted noise and retain the original character of the recording, than end up with an uncomfortable sounding result. Thankfully, the transcription discs were in good shape and probably hadn't been played more than once or twice since they were originally recorded, so they were pretty clean without too many pops and clicks to deal with.

I use a top quality audio recording and editing software called ProTools along with external standalone equipment such as my de-clicker made by Cedar. This is the first pass I do to try and eradicate the biggest clicks and pops. This can be a very time consuming process because I want to make sure that I retain the character of the recording as much as possible. Each pass is recorded directly into ProTools where I then use a series of high quality audio pluggins to remove even more unwanted noise such as surface noise, hum and other unwanted artifacts. This is done almost like a movie, frame by frame, layer by layer, hopefully resulting in crisp and clean sounding master.

The next process is editing which is all done digitally in ProTools before final mastering. Mastering is the final process in the production, preparing the actual master for commercial production. All my mastering is all done using the highest quality external analogue equalizers and compression. This is my last chance to add bass or treble and also to make sure that all the different parts of the recording are the same audio level making it an even listening experience throughout. Analogue mastering also adds a unique warmth to the final master which is much more like it would have been originally because everything was analogue back then. From here I can finally assemble the finished CD master ready for pressing plant adding full song titles text and other essential sub-code information which is be embedded into the final CD master.

Audio restoration and mastering are a passion and a challenge for me and I would like to thank Zone Records for the opportunity to work with them on these incredibly important and historic Doris Day recordings.

The Doris Day Show - Volumes 1 & 2 (Two CD Sets)

Sincere thanks to Ted Carfrae for taking the time to talk to the Discovering Doris website.



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